Interkulturelle Workshops

Die jährlich stattfindenden Interkulturellen Workshops richten sich an jene Hildesheimer Studierenden, die am internationalen Projektband 'Translanguaging' teilnehmen und/oder sich für die Themen des diverstitätssensiblen und mehrsprachigkeitsorientierten Unterrichten interessieren. Auf dem TeacherTranslanguagingCamp haben wir regelmäßig einen englischsprachigen Workshop zum Thema Teaching in International Classrooms, sodass auch Studierende unserer Partneruniversitäten teilnehmen können.



Statements unserer Studierenden zum Workshop "Teaching in International Classrooms"

  • The workshop supported my view on looking for things we have in common, not for the differences. It makes life so much more fruitful. I also see it as a great aspect of teaching in school, because I would like to enable my pupils to see it that way, too.
  • I found it interesting to see where we "are coming from". Everyone has their own influences but there are also similarities. (Sub Cultures)
  • Even if the cultures are different it doesn't mean that there are no similarities between societies.   
  • It really helped to discuss about this topic by thinking about the own position. Many topics in the university are worked on by a very distanced position, but especially to this topic everybody can relate and maybe should reflect the own position to.
  • It helped me to reflect on the impact of culture in the classroom. It also reinforced the idea of being mindful of the different cultural background of my students and the people around me. 


Statements unserer Outgoings (Mexiko und Italien) zur interkulturellen Begleitung und Nachbereitung

"The intercultural workshops with Carmen Muntel gave me a great opportunity to reflect on many different topics around culture. We had the chance to discuss about our own cultural imprint, personal culture shocks we experienced during our exchange, the handling with stereotypes and so much more. The workshop made me reflect my experience in Mexcio in a new perspective and question my own thoughts. Overall it helped me gaining more knowledge regarding to cultural values and traditions and beyond that - to view people, personality and certain behaviors from a different angle. I would like to take all the new input and knowledge into my future classroom and keep the view through my “cultural glasses”. Every student has their own personality built on their cultural backround. Observing students through my cultural glasses gives me the chance to connect with them and to understand them on a deeper, personal level."