Scholarship holders Nigeria 2017_low
Scholarship holders Nigeria 2017_low

University of Maiduguri

The University of Maiduguri – UNIMAID, located in the Northeast sub-region of Nigeria was established in 1975. It commenced degree programmes in 1976 with an initial in-take of 743 students in three Faculties, namely Arts and Education, Science as well as Social Science and Law. Over a period of time, the University of Maiduguri has developed greatly and it is today a very big academic community with a population of over 51, 000 students. Presently, there are 11 Faculties and a College of Medicine with total of 83 Academic Departments offering over 100 Academic Programmes in Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and other professional areas. In addition, the University has 14 Research Centres namely:


• Centre for Arid Zone Studies
• Centre for Trans-Saharan Studies
• Centre for Disaster Risk Management and Development Studies
• Centre for Peace Diplomatic and Development Studies
• Centre for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
• Centre for Distance Learning
• Centre for Nuclear Energy Research and Training
• Centre for Ionospheric and Research
• Centre for Counselling and Human Development
• Centre for Distance Learning
• Centre for Information Communication Technology
• Centre for Urology and Renal Research
• Biotechnology Centre

Centre for the Study and Promotion of Cultural Sustainability (CSPCS)

In terms of ranking, it is a 2nd generation University that is recognized among the top 10 in Nigeria, thus positioning it as one of the leading centres of teaching, learning and research catering for students in the Northeast sub-region, from across Nigeria and neighbouring countries such as Cameroon, Chad, Niger as well as Gambia and Sierra Leone. The University has linkages with many Universities across the world and is open to more linkages.

The proposal for the establishment of the Centre for the Study and Promotion of Cultural Sustainability (CSPCS) was a result of Memorandum of Understanding signed between the University of Maiduguri and the University of Hildesheim. The Centre is expected to host the DAAD funded Graduate School “Performing Sustainability: Cultures and Development in Africa” and in order to provide a strong intellectual environment for scholars working in cultural studies nationally and internationally. The Centre is expected to acquire tangible and intangible cultural materials for the purpose of cultural sustainability and its promotion. The Centre will carry out research, documentation, preservation, interpretation and digitisation of archives and collections to enhance the academic and social service as well as to increase access and viability of Cultural heritage for future generations. As a result of this strong background the Senate of the University of Maiduguri approved the establishment of the Centre for the Study and Promotion of Cultural Sustainability (CSPCS) in the 282nd Meeting held on 25th August 2016. The Senate also approved the M.A. and PhD programmes in Cultural Sustainability. The six M.A. and six PhD students sponsored by the DAAD under the SDG Graduate School Centre formed the first set of students for the programmes in the Centre.