Samuel Mund

  • University of HildesheimCenter for World Music

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Samuel Mund, born in the 1980s; graduated in Political Science / Sociology / German Linguistics (Magister Artium, Leibniz University Hannover). Has been working for the CWM since 2011. Main areas of work include collection management (focus on audiovisual media) and supervision of information technology at the institute. Supervised the following projects in the past: Digitization of the sound recording collections of the Music Museum of Iran (technical coordination, 2012-2016); “Music as a Knowledge Repository in Museum Practice” (technical and content coordination, 2017-2020); currently a research assistant in the SDG Graduate School project. Participated as a scholar in the PhD program of the Center for Diversity, Democracy and Inclusion in Education (2014-2017). Samuel Mund is currently writing a PhD with the topic “on the sociology of ethnomusicological audiovisual archives” (working title), expected completion: 2021; Scientific focus areas include: Media Sociology and Theory, Archive Theory, Cultural Anthropology/Ethnology; History of Science. Samuel Mund is also a technical assistant at the European Center for Jewish Music at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media.