Sabina Appiah Boateng

  • University of Cape Coast

Contact Info:

  • +233 (0) 273512350


Sabina Appiah-Boateng holds a Ph.D. in Development Studies with a cotutelle certificate from the University of Hildesheim, Germany, and the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. She worked on the research topic “Land-use conflicts and psychosocial well-being: A study of farmer-herder conflicts in Asante-Akyem North District of Ghana” under the sponsorship of DAAD-SDG Graduate School – Performing Sustainability, Cultures, and Development in West Africa. She also has her background in Psychology, and Peace and Development Studies. During her MPhil in Peace and Development Studies, she was selected to be part of the Senior Members at the Institute for Development Studies (now School for Development Studies) to undertake a national assignment on conflict mapping for UNDP. She recently supported the Department of Peace Studies in investigating voting shifts and patterns: implications for peaceful 2020 elections. Her works and unflinching supports go beyond the University of Cape Coast. She designed a concept paper on religious tolerance for Ghana’s Peace Council. She derives so much joy extending a helping hand to conflict and disaster victims. This passion made her start a Non-Governmental Organisation called MELG Center for Peace Psychology. She is the CEO of the MELG Center for Peace Psychology. The Center provides psychosocial support to conflict and disaster victims, conduct research, advocacy, and provide peace education. Her research interests are in the areas of conflict, migration, mental health, humanitarianism, human security, arts and well-being, and development.

As a budding academic, she ever yearns to remain in the love of humanities and arts goals and their fulfillment in view. Her passion is to see opportunities in everyday life, tap and apply them to nurture her scholastic career, and to be an authority, a major reference point in Conflict, Mental Health, Human Security, and Development.

Currently, she coordinates the Ghana Chapter of the DAAD-SDG Graduate School – Performing Sustainability, Cultures, and Development in West Africa. She aspires to improve the project productivity, performance, team communication, collaboration, and be a good example and a source of hope and support for the students.