Patrick Osei-Kufuor

  • University of Cape CoastSenior Research Fellow Institute for Development Studies

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Patrick Osei-Kufuor is a senior research fellow at the Institute for Development Studies at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, and the convenor for the Peace and Development Research Cluster at the Institute. His research places emphasis on understanding poverty and institutional equity with a particular application for decentralized local governance. Specifically, his research focuses on the various ways of making governance institutions at the local level work better for development and poverty reduction in Africa. His current research focuses on the areas of conflict, peace building and development. He has published books, book chapters and articles including, among others, books titled: A Manual for strengthening the capacity of traditional authorities and religious leaders in conflict management and peace building in Ghana (2016); Doing Mediation (2015); and A Spatio-thematic analysis of violent conflicts in Ghana (2014).