Dr. Dorothea Lübbe

  • University of HildesheimPostdoc Scholarship Holder

Contact Info:

  • dorothealuebbe@googlemail.com


The role of women as agents of change in a transforming contemporary theatre in Ghana? A research project investigating the relations of gender and theatre in post-colonial theatre in Ghana.

“We come from a country which doesn’t exist and feel like suffering in a post-natal depression.”

2018: The world struggles and ‘transit’ becomes more than before a global phenomenon: ‘to-have-to-move’ characterizes a majority of the world population. It has radical effects for society and ‘togetherness’. How can complex societies keep on working? How can togetherness of heterogenic communities be constructed?
In this situation, particularly theatre artists find space to initiate artistic projects for community building. Contemporary theatre in Ghana takes a role as an agent of change: theatre has an important role in the development of the society and in working on traumatism in a post-colonial country.

Research Questions:

  • What are the characteristics of contemporary theatre in Ghana? Does theatre in the countryside has another function than theatre in the capital city? Which position have women in theatre?
  • How can the relation between theatre and women in Ghana become part of sustainable development?
  • How can strategies for cultural policy be developed to secure a sustainable effect for women and theatre in Ghana?



Dr. Dorothea Lübbe studied cultural science at the University of Hildesheim and Mediation Culturelle de l’Art at the Université Aix-Marseille, specialized on practices and theories of contemporary music theatre and community theatre. She got her PhD in 2017 with a binational French-German dissertation on ’Innovation processes and cultural policy of contemporary music theatre in France and Germany’.

In 2014, after an intense period of assistant work for music theatre and community theatre productions, she started her own artistic work in her research field and is directing various projects in contemporary music theatre and community theatre: interdisciplinary crossover music theatre productions, specialized on cultural marginalized territories, political subjects and audience building. Since 2015, she realizes music theatre played on a floating stage with her company, shifting harbours every day and propose theatre to a large non-audience (passengers in harbours), proposing theatre and music in cooperation with local artists with the mission to promote cultural diversity and tolerance in times of up growing right movements and fascism in Europe (www.esperantos.eu).

In 2017, her director’s work with a community theatre project at Theater der Altmark in Stendal got honoured with the “Integrationspreis des Landes Sachsen-Anhalts” for two theatre productions with refugees and students. Aside her artistic practices, she continues to evaluate and research in the field of contemporary forms of theatre and how society building can be created, focused on less developed territories. Lastly she realized a theatre project with the community of a village in Saxony-Anhalt and animated 80 habitants to assist on the experiment to bring the village history on stage.

She gave lectures at the University of Hildesheim, University of Libanon, Hanns Eisler Hochschule für Musik and Hochschule der Künste Bern.

She is a Postdoc Fellow of the SDG Graduate School, researching on possibilities of theatre in Ghana. Additionally, she is part of the scholarship program ‘Villa Abegg’ of the ‘Heidelberger Frühling’ for artistic concepts of future classical music.