30 Mai 2018

Guest researcher Prof. Bulama Kagu in Hildesheim

By Prof Bulama Kagu (University of Maiduguri, Nigeria)

As a member of the Steering Committee of the SDG Graduate School ‘Performing Sustainability. Cultures and Development in West-Africa’, I had the privilege of visiting the Centre for World Music at the Stiftung Universität Hildesheim, Germany. The visit lasted from 9th April to 30th May 2018.

Personally, I found my stay in Germany a very experiential one, academically and socially. The programme offers very good opportunities that unlock scholarship barriers especially by having uninterrupted internet connectivity, access to world class library and interacting with scholars in diverse fields. Intermittently, I also learnt a lot from series of social activities of German culture (Father’s Day, etc.) that we were exposed to, and of course, the excursions. The Berlin trip on the May 20, 2018, had offered the opportunity to visit the seat of the government, the parliament building, the Berlin wall, the Famous Berlin Conference site of 1885 which shaped the African continent among others. The carnival of cultures that took place on the same day was quite fascinating.

The internet accessibility and effectiveness allowed me to download many vital materials in my area of specialization and beyond. The First Doctoral Colloquium with Prof. Wolfgang Schneider of the Department of Cultural Policy on cultural policy and sustainability was quite insightful and educative. The lecture by Prof. Dr. Viola B. Georgi on migration, memory and teaching history in multi-cultural environment was, indeed, interesting and expanded my pedagogic horizon. Similarly, interacting with Prof. Dr. Ulrich Heid and Dr. Gertrud Faass both of the Institute of Information Science and Natural Language Processing was beneficial as they unravel the mysteries of meta-data management and analytics. The Second Doctoral Colloquium by Prof. Dr. Birgit Mandel along with her guest researcher Ana Letunic on overview of academic research methods and discourse analysis respectively was very timely and apt for our PhD students who attended the programme.

I had the privilege to chair and present a paper at the Third Doctoral Colloquium on May 22, 2018 held at the CWM. My presentation was on data collection techniques and also on population and sample. Our PhD students actively participated and contributions from other scholars on the subject enriched my understanding.

Our trip to the Philips Universität in Marburg (28 -29 May 2018) was inspirational and educative. The colloquium organized by the Center for Conflict Studies and subsequent presentations by our doctoral candidates of their works and various feedbacks by staff and students of the Center was a rare opportunity that added immense value to their respective works and I also learnt a lot. The colloquium by Dr. Jan Koehler of Free University Berlin, a renowned political scientist and a social anthropologist, on ‘The Violence that Matters, Social Order and Governance Outcomes in Afghanistan’ was fascinating and reflective. Similarly, the seminar on ‘Resistance, Collective Violence, Revolution’ by Tareq Sydiq of the Center was quite illuminating. I also enjoyed the visit to historical sites and other places of interest while in Marburg.