10 Mai 2018

Ballet in Hannover

“Marylin” (May 8th, 2018)

by Naomi Yusuf

The activity started right after a session that we had and we were unfortunately extremely tired. We were picked up by a student assistant, Mira, then took a train from Hildesheim to Hannover which lasted for about forty minutes. She was very efficient with information and organization as she knew exactly when the train was arriving, leaving, the distance between every stop, how long it will take us to get to these locations. This was very astonishing for us as we were still trying to understand the German system of time keeping. She made it so easy for us which we were really happy for, although I now understanding the difference between walking the Nigerian way and the German way.

Upon reaching the theater, Mira got our tickets and we were ushered in, we found our seating places and waited for the performance to start. I was excited as I had only heard and read about Marilyn Monroe and here I was about to watch a performance titled after her. I went there with expectation of just seeing people dance and then we will be done with it, but what I experienced was amazing, the gracefulness of the dancers, the seamless coordination in movements and then the accuracy in historical representation. I got to even learn more about her life during the performance that I previously didn’t know about. I, and am sure some of my colleagues got a shock when we saw some of the scenes, coming from northern Nigeria nudity is meant for the confines of one’s bedroom, but here it was on stage in front of hundreds of people, I basically froze in shock and thought in my head “noooo nooo, go cover up, this is not right”. Turning to see that I was the only one and possibly some of my colleagues bothered by it, it was an amazing experience.

After the performance we came back towards the train station and met a group of people dancing and some of us joined in, which drew much laughter and gazes from passers by as our way of dancing was very different from theirs. Its always beautiful to see cultural diversity in play and how people react to it in surprise, confusion and ultimately amazement. We then took a train in the station at about 10pm and got back to Hildesheim and our hostel at about some minutes pass eleven. But in total it was a beautiful experience which wont be quickly forgotten.