Information page regarding Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2): FAQ about studies

On this page you will find a list of FAQs concerning the consequences and measures of the University of Hildesheim regarding the coronavirus. This list is constantly updated and does not claim to be complete. Please have in mind that we cannot provide an answer to every question you might have and that many things are yet to be clarified.

University Accessibility

How can I currently approach the University facilities?

Most of the university staff, including Teaching and Administration Department, is currently working from home. Thus, the colleagues can only be reached by phone or e-mail. In case of doubt, please check the website of the respective department for the corresponding service hours.

I have a question regarding the closing down of the University library.

The University library has its own FAQ platform regarding its closure. For more information please check the following website:

When is the validation of the student card possible?

The opening hours of the University buildings are the following:
Monday - Friday: 06:00 - 20:00 o’clock
Saturday: 07:00 - 17:00 o’clock
Sunday: closed

You can access the validation machines only on these hours. 

Examination matters

I have a question about a specific exam. Who can I contact?

Please check first the website of the University. Should your question is still not answered, please contact the respective examiners.

Who decides if an exam is postponed?

The examiners make this decision.

I’m not sure if anything changes regarding the organisation of my exams. Who can I contact?

Please contact the examination office responsible for you.

Please note that there’re currently no personal consulting hours. Instead of that, you can contact the staff of examination office by telephone or e-mail.

I have an important question about the current changes in the examination system, which do not only affect me but also my degree course. Who is my contact person?

If you have important questions regarding your examination matters, which affect not only you but also many other students, e.g. the consequences of postponing exams, you will find a lot of information in this FAQ list.

If you still need general information, Mr Markus Flohr (Head of the Matriculation and Examination Office) and Mrs Dr. Angelika Obstoj (Head of Department 3 for Study Matters) will be happy to help you.

Re-registration / semester fee

Until when do I have to de-register to get the refunded semester fee and possibly the long-term study fee?

The refund is possible up to one month after the beginning of lectures. You can find the application for de-registration here:

Bachelor and Master Thesis

Registration: I would like to register my Bachelor/Master thesis. Has the procedure been changed?

Yes, you no longer need the signature of your supervisor to register your Bachelor's or Master's thesis. Instead of that, examiners will provide the relevant information directly to the Examination Office by e-mail.

Thesis Submission: I have to submit my bachelor/master thesis soon, but due to the corona crisis I have no possibility of having the thesis printed and bound. What should I do?

Until further notice, please send your Bachelor's or Master's thesis only as a PDF file by e-mail to the examination office responsible for you. From there it will be forwarded to the reviewers. There is no need to hand in printed copies.

Declaration of originality: Do I have to send the declaration of originality by post to the Examination Office?

Until further notice, you must also send the declaration of originality by e-mail to the examination office responsible for you. Print out the declaration, sign it and send a scan or photo to the Examination Office.

Study Organisation and Financing

BAföG: Ich cannot complete my studies due to the current situation. Do I receive BAföG?

You can find latest information about BAföG and how is it conducted within the corona situation in the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF): www.bafö

Ja. Das Kultusministerium hat die Nachreichfrist verlängert.

Genaueres finden Sie auf der Webseite der Koordinierungsstelle Lehramt.


I need my preliminary Transcript of Records. How do I get the signature of the Examination Office?

To enable you to directly download and print out certificates such as the preliminary Transcript of Records and, thus, save you time from visiting the Examination Office, such documents will no longer be signed in the Examination Office but will be marked with the note that they were created electronically and therefore without a signature. This regulation, which should have been introduced anyway as part of the process optimization, has now been brought forward.

Um es Ihnen zu ermöglichen, Bescheinigungen wie das vorläufige Transcript of Records direkt herunterzuladen und auszudrucken und Ihnen somit den Weg ins Prüfungsamt zu sparen, werden solche Dokumente ab sofort nicht mehr unterschrieben, sondern mit dem Hinweis versehen, dass sie elektronisch und daher ohne Unterschrift erstellt wurden. Diese Regelung sollte im Rahmen der Prozessoptimierung ohnehin eingeführt werden, sie wurde jetzt vorgezogen.

How can I aquire my certificate and other graduation documents?

The examination office will send you back your graduation documents by post. This may currently take longer than usual, as the collection of signatures could be delayed due to the Corona crisis.

Attention: Please remember to always add your current postal address in the PWA.

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