Public Transport


While you are studying in Hildesheim, you get, as every student, a so-called „Semesterticket“. With this ticket you can use the bus in Hildesheim for free. The timetables for the different lines can be found here: Timetables

In the evening there are different lines than during the day. For the day lines you can check out this link: Tagesliniennetz PDF

And for the evening this one: Abendliniennetz. In the right bottom corner you can also find the validity of each plan.

The Semesterticket is also valid in some of the Deutsche Bahn’s (German Railways) specific trains, the DB RegioTrains in the 2. class in Lower Saxony, Hamburg and Bremen. The Deutsche Bahn distinguishes its trains into regional trains and the so-called ICE (Inter City Express). The ICEs are faster and more comfortable and mostly used to travel longer distances. Regional trains don´t cross such long distances, they are useful to travel to destinations not that far away.

The ticket is valid in the following trains:

  • RegionalExpress (RE)
  • RegionalBahn (RB)
  • S-Bahn Hannover (S)
  • S-Bahn Hamburg on the passage Hamburg-Harburg-Stade
  • eurobahn (ERB)

Before you start planning to travel around in Germany you should know how the bus and train system works.

The Semesterticket is valid for the following routes (Unfortunately there is no English version, if there is something unclear you should ask somebody):)

If you are looking for an easy way to get somewhere by bus you should use the homepage www.efa.deor look at the maps below.

There you can search for connections in and around Hildesheim as well as in Lower Saxony. You just need to enter in the search form the station or address you want to start from and your destination. After that you get various results and can decide which connection suits you best. The bus lines you will probably need most in Hildesheim are the 3 and 4. They both have a stop at the university, from there the line 3 goes to the train station, line 4 goes straight to the city center.

If you want to go somewhere further away by train, you should try There you can have a look for connections all around Germany.