SMILE - Studies on Multiligualism in Language Education

funded by the Volkswagen Foundation's funding initiative Niedersächsisches Vorab

Head of Project: Prof. Dr. Kristin Kersten (English Department, Hildesheim University)

Project partners: 

Prof. Dr. Werner Greve (Psychology Department)

Christoph Schüle (Department of Applied Educational Science)

Project coordination: Katharina Schwirz (English Department, Hildesheim University)

Project members: 

Cirsten Carlson (English Department, Hildesheim University)

Katharina Hagenfeld (English Department, Hildesheim University)

Sebastian Hemme (English Department, Hildesheim University)

The project investigates the role of internal and external factors in the acquisition of a second language by young monolingual and multilingual learners in different primary school programs, with a particular interest in the linguistic input provided in the classrooms.

The psycholinguistic focus of the longitudinal studies is combined with an applied focus, which aims at identifying successful educational practice for FLA in heterogeneous classrooms.


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