2014 Vitebsk: Call for Paper


International Academy for the Humanization of Education


International Academy for the Humaninization of Education

in cooperation with the

Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherov and

 Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus

invites you to international conference


 23. - 26.09.2014

in Vitebsk


“Support of Gifts – Development of Creativity”



Call for Paper - 2014 Vitebsk

We realize that diversity and plurality are at the moment explosive political and economic topics in the world (see UNESCO World Conference 1994; UN General Assembly 2006; the adoption of the UN Convention by the EU 2010 etc.) because internal migration, international migration, the support of intellectual resources (human capital), the compensation of socio-cultural problems are all not only politically, economically and culturally important, but are also relevant challenges to economic development.

In the course of the discussion round inclusion mostly one thinks of integration of people with handicaps or people with migrant background and with not sufficient mastering of the language of the country they are living in.

Educationalists in general educational institutions and education managers need to take an intersectional view in the sense of a Capability Approach, because they do not exclusively have to deal with certain types of diversity, but are rather confronted with groups and organizations which mirror all the facets of plurality (physical disabilities, language problems, cultural determinants, social  neglect, high achievers and all this in different combinations, like, for instance, physical disability plus high achiever). Thus there is a need for educationalists and teachers who can deal competently and holistically with these different situations. They have to be tolerant, possess social engagement, be competent in the field of diagnostic and acquire different strategies of learning as well as specific learning methods. They also have to handle with strategies and techniques of social integration and to be able to manage processes of integration in heterogeneous organizations and to develop a pluralistic culture of organization. 

The concept of “Diversity Management” is getting more and more important in the area of organizations and commercial and industrial companies.

On the international congress in Vitebsk the theme will be “Support of Gifts – Development of Creativity”, embedded into the frame “Dealing with heterogeneity / diversity”

We ask for contributions which deal with questions referring to School, Higher Education and Further Education like:

·       Dealing with support of gifts and development of creativity of the students as well as the employees of the companies.

·       Instruments of diagnostic used to find out and to promote gifts and creativity.

·       Models of promotion of specific gift, resources and creativity in school, higher education and further education.

·       Embedding of support of gifts in the worldwide concept of inclusion.

·       Further education of educationalists referring to specific gifts and creativity.

·       Role of new information technologies during the promotion of gifts and creativity.

·       Correlation between specific gifts and the social environment of the growing children.


The aspect of the comparison between different countries is very important and contributions which include this aspect are very welcome.


Scientific areas of the Congress:

1 . The psychophysiological determinants of endowments and creativity.

2 . The Influence of environmental conditions on formation of a phenotype of the gifted.

3 . The identification of intellectual and creative potential at various stages of ontogenesis.

4 . The technology of the organization of phycho-pedagogical work on development of intellectual and creative potential of a personality.

5 . The system of retraining and professional development of specialists working with a gifted personality.

6 . Information and communication technologies in work with a gifted personality.


Conference programme:

1.     Panel “The problems of identification and support of a gifted person”.

2.     The work of plenary meetings and breakup groups (in accordance with the directions of the Congress).

3.     Presentation of educational scientific consulting centers, innovative platforms of psychological university assistance.

4.     Round Table sessions, master classes concerned with the problems of support of a gifted person.

5.      The Exhibition of educational literature on the problems of the organization of work with a gifted person.


The congress languages:  English, Russia and German.