2014 Vitebsk: Submissions of conference materials

  Submissions of conference material

The text of an article should be presented in Microsoft Word 97 (or more modern version) in Russian, Belorussian, English or German.

An article should not be more than 5 pages  including the list of references.

The size of a page – A4 (297×210 mm).  Perimeter margins - 2,5 cm, paragraph indent- 1,25 cm.

Articles should be typed in Times New Roman 14, line spacing - single-spaced.

The title of an article should be typed with capital thick letters in the centre of a line without a full stop.

The list of authors is typed on the next line (full surname and initials). If you have more authors, their surnames with initials should be separated by commas. The list of authors also should be centered.

On the next line should be presented  the full name of the organization where the author works, and city and country where the organization is located (separated by commas).  If there are several organizations, they are typed in the form of a numbered list, the name of each is printed on a new line, in this case, after the initials of each author superscript letters indicate the sequence number in the list of his organization.

The text of an article goes after a space. Article  materials should include the introduction (relevance, target), materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusion.

References to the literature used during the preparation of the article should be given in the text in square brackets. Numeration - in order they are mentioned in the text.

List of references should be presented at the end of the article (skipping one line after the text of an article). The word " references " should be typed in bold and centered. The list of references itself is typed on the next line

Wishes of the authors of an article on the form - oral report or poster presentation, resident or nonresident participation should be indicated additionally

Materials should be sent as MS Word files by e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by post: 210038, Republic of Belarus,Vitebsk, Moskovsky Prospekt, 33 marked " To the organizing committee of the International Congress".