Minutes of the General Assembly of the IAHE 2012





of the General Assembly of the International Academy for the Humanization of Education

13th. September 2012

in the Academy for Further Education, St. Petersburg, Russia 



President Prof. Dr. Olga Graumann

Vice-president Prof. Dr. Michael Pewsner

Vice-president Prof. Dr. Ilze Mikelsone


The President welcomed all members and guests.


Item 1            Acceptance of the minutes of 8th. September 2010

The minutes of the General Assembly on the 8th. September 2010 at the University of  Liepaja (Latvia), were approved with one abstention.

The President noted that, at the last General Assembly, the IAHE statutes were approved and   can now be consulted in three languages on the IAHE website. Also the executive committee was given the task of producing rules of procedure.

The executive committee thanks everyone who worked so intensively on the statutes and the rules of procedure, especially:

Hubert Lohrenz, Prof. Dr. Rudolf Keck, Prof. Dr. Anatoli Gawrikow, Dr. Irina Kolesnikowa


Item 2 Approval of the agenda

The President suggested the following changes:

Item 4 will be extended into a discussion of the website, thus Item 7 can be omitted.

A new ITEM is suggested; the theme, place and date of the next meeting will be discussed anew in ITEM 8 and voted upon. „Miscellaneous“ is then under ITEM 9.

This suggestion was carried unanimously.


ITEM 3 Report on the conference in Liepaja (Latvia) and other activities


A short report was given by Vice-President Ilze Mikelsone on the conference in Liepaja in 2010.

The members of the consortium of the EU project Networked and Consecutive Initial and Further Education and Training in Educational Management (159371-TEMPUS-DE-TEMPUS-JPCR) from Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine – Prof. Dr. Sentschenkow (University of Smolensk), Prof. Dr. Severin (Brest), Prof. Dr. Yokhna (Chmelnitzki) reported briefly on the importance which the project has had for their country with regard to the humanization of education.

Dr. Margitta Rudolph (Hildesheim) noted that, immediately following the conference, a cooperation agreement would be signed between the University of Hildesheim Foundation and the Academy of Further Education in St. Petersburg, which would intensify all present cooperation projects.

Prof. Dr. Johannes Wildt reported on international contacts, which he had made with East European countries, but also in Egypt and China, saying that they were in accordance with spirit of the Academy. He suggested that the members of the Academy could present their international work, their interests and profiles on the  IAHE website.

The executive committee took up this suggestion and will inform members of this possibility.

The President drew the attention of members to Article 4,3 in the IAHE Statutes: „The basic obligations of the members include supporting the aims of the Academy in their spheres of influence and in the public eye.“

Honorary President Rudolf Keck thanked the executive committee for their work and stated that, since the foundation of the Academy in 1995, many intensive activities with regard to the humanization of education had taken place. This should be a fine source of inspiration for up-and-coming academics and educational scientists.


ITEM 4 Conference volumes and further publications

Ilse Mikelsone (Latvia) presented the volume „Pädagogik: Theorie und Praxis“ published by the University of Liepaja, in which contributions to the conference in 2010 were published.

Natalia Bogatenkova (Russia) gave news of the two-volume publication of conference contributions, which were being given at the concurrent conference at the Academy for Further Education in St. Petersburg.

The President thanked all editors, authors and editorial staff for their devoted work.

Dr. Irina Kolesnikowa reported on articles by IAHE members in the Russian journals „Pädagogik“ and „Hochschule der Russischen Föderation“, which detailed the aims of IAHE. The President congratulated Dr. Kolesnikowa for her important contribution to the further spread of IAHE in Russia. It is not easy to get these articles published in the journals named above.


-      The proposal was put forward that a web page should be created on the IAHE website to list internationally relevant publications by members, written in the spirit of the Academy. The Executive Committee decides which publications should be included. The proposalwas accepted unanimously.

-      Criticism was made that it is not clearly evident in the most recent IAHE conference anthologies that the respective publication is the result of IAHE’s work.

-      Honorary President Prof. Dr. Rudolf Keck suggested that a resolution should be passed on the basic requirements for the composition of future conference anthologies.


The General Assembly unanimously approved the following points:

  1. Regarding future publications of conference volumes, it must be clearly recognizable on the cover that the theme of the conference, as well as the individual contributions published in the conference volume, have arisen out of the conference which the Academy for the Humanization of Education (IAHE) organized in cooperation with a university or other institution of higher education.
  2. Every volume should contain a preface written by a member of the Executive Committee, in which the aims of IAHE are briefly summarized and a link made between the chosen conference theme and the aims of IAHE.


Prof. Dr. Gavrikow suggested that reviews of the Liepaja and St. Petersburg conference volumes should appear on the website and the content be presented  in some detail. The President took up this idea and requested Ilze Mikelsone and Natalia Bogatenkova to write these reviews and pass them on to the Executive Committee. 

Johannes Wildt noted the problem of the language of publication, asking members to keep this in view.


ITEM 5 Rules of procedure

The President requested Hubert Lohrenz to give a short explanation of the Rules of Procedure, which can be found on the web site in German, Russian and English.

The Rules of Procedure are a summary of all the procedures, according to which IAHE meetings and assemblies have to be conducted.

Regarding the approval of the Rules of Procedure, which can be read in three languages on the web site, the members were asked for their agreement by email. As there were no votes ‘against’, the Rules of Procedure were approved.


ITEM 6 Admission of new members to the Academy

Vice-President Prof. Dr. Pewsner individually presented the colleagues who had applied for membership. 17 new members were admitted after respective unanimous votes:

Dr. Elke Hildebrandt, Dr. Jan Böhm, Prof. Dr. Kodin, Prof. Dr. Poljakow, Prof. Dr. Tschesnowsky, Prof. Dr. Jochna, Prof. Dr. Kaplunowitsch, Prof. Dr. Aleksandrowa,

Prof. Dr. Sentschenkow, Prof. Dr. Aleksejev, Dr. Severin, Dr. Anisimova, Dr. Michaltschik,

Dr. Bobrova, Dr. Egorova, Dr. Zakchartschuk, Dr. Bogatjenkowa, Barikina.

The President welcomed the new members and asked them to participate actively in the work of IAHE.

Further, there remain 7 applications for admission, as yet not processed. The Executive Committee will contact these colleagues.


ITEM 7 Election of the presidium

The presidium is elected every two years. The presidium includes the president, two vice-presidents and the executive officers (see the Statutes, Art. 8,1)

The President asked Dr. Margitta Rudolph to take the chair during the election process and passed the meeting over to her.

No member asked for a secret ballot. The 60 members present were all eligible to vote.

The name of Prof. Dr. Olga Graumann was put forward for the presidency. She was unopposed.

The names of Prof. Dr. Michael Pewsner and Prof. Dr. Ilze Mikelsone were put forward as Vice-Presidents. They were unopposed.

The name of Irena Diel was put forward as CEO. She was unopposed.

  • Prof. Dr. Olga Graumann (Germany) was unanimously elected President of the Academy for a further two years. She accepted the nomination.
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Pewsner (Russia) was unanimously elected Vice-President of the Academy for a further two years. He accepted the nomination.
  • Prof. Dr. Ilze Mikelsone (Latvia) was unanimously elected Vice-President of the Academy for a further two years. She accepted the nomination.
  • Irena Diel (in absentia) was unanimously elected CEO of the Academy for a further two years.


The newly-elected President took the chair again and thanked Dr Rudolph for officiating at the election. She reminded members how important it is to include up-and-coming young academics intensively into the work of the Academy in the coming years.


ITEM 8 Location, Theme, Dates of the 2014 Conference

The Executive Committee suggested holding the following conference in Belarus at the State University of Witebsk. The theme suggested is: „Supporting Talent and Developing Creativity in School and at University“.

No further suggestions were made regarding the location.

Nor were any further suggestions made regarding the theme, the formulation of which was discussed, however. The Executive Committee will examine all the formulation suggestions and requests members to send their suggestions to the Presidium. Members should remember that the theme will be translated into the three conference languages.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Saladkou, the Rector of the State University of Witebsk, was asked to state his position regarding holding the next conference at his university. Prof. Saladkou thanked the members for this opportunity of holding the 2014 conference and briefly presented his university to the members. The President thanked the Rector of the University of Witebsk.

The following data are regarded as fixed:

-      Next conference location: the State University of Witebsk (Belarus)

-      The provisional thematic framework: „Supporting Talent and Developing Creativity“

-      Provisional dates:07.09.2014 bis 14.09.2014.


ITEM 9 Miscellaneous

The President informed members that the History of IAHE will appear on the web site in the near future.

Johannes Wildt requested that the next conference should permit more possibilities of communication amongst members. The Executive Committee took up this proposal and will pay closer attention to the more recent higher learning methods whilst planning the conference with the colleagues in Witebsk.

Hubert Lohrenz, a highly active member of IAHE over a period of many years, will be taking his leave of IAHE for reasons of age.


The President thanked all members present for their constructive contributions. She asked everyone to work actively towards the success of the next conference, to spread the idea of the humanization of education actively in all their international contacts and hoped to see everyone again at the next conference.


Keeper of the Minutes                                                                      President of IAHE 


(Ekaterina Egorova)                                                                        (Prof. Dr. Olga Graumann)