2004 Nowgorod: congress procedings

Modernisation of Education

Internationally comparing standards of education and perspectives on the humanisation of school and university

Sunday 12.09.2004 

Arrival and Hotel arrangements

Monday 13. 09. 2004 

9.00 – 10.30 Opening of the Congress

University of Nowgorod

Peterburgskaja 41, Room 3


Prof. Dr. R.W. Keck

Chairman of IAHE

Prof. Dr. N.D. Nikandrow

Chairman of the Russian Academy for Education

Prof. Dr. A. Gawrikow

Chairman of the University of Nowgorod

Prof. Dr. W.-U. Friedrich

Chairman of the University of Hildesheim

Prof. Dr. W. N. Awerkin

Education director of Nowgorod

10.30 – 13.00  Lectures and discussions – in the Plenum


Policy Lectures

Prof. Dr. H.-U. Grunder (Uni Tübingen)

Modernisation of Education – Modernisation through Education?

Prof. Dr. N. D. Nikandrow (Russ. Academy)

The State of School Reform in Russia

Prof. Dr. M. Pewsner, Dr. A. Schirin (Uni Nowgorod)

Internationalisation of University Education – new challenges and suggestions

Prof. Dr. A. P. Trjapitzina (Päd. Herzen-Universität, St. Petersburg)

Russian pedagogy –The  Problem of Openness


13.00 – 13.45               Lunch

14.00 – 15.30              Tour through the Kremlin

16.00 – 19.00 Lectures and workshops in two optional blocks

Block I.

How open is Russian pedagogy?

International comparisons of Standards in Education

Prof. Dr. Huber (Uni  Bielefeld)

National standards of education, academic diversity, independent learning

On the relation between contradictory objectives

Prof. Dr. H. Asselmeyer (Uni Hildesheim)

Education transfer in post-socialist States. Example of cooperation in Hildesheim/Liepaja

Prof. Dr. N. Belkanov (Uni Jelez)

Pedagogy or Educational science?

Dr. O. Zayakin (Uni Bijsk)




Block II.

Topic of Teacher training / Universities

Prof. Dr. R.M. Schereisina (Uni Nowgorod)

Teacher training in Russian Universities

Prof. Dr. K. Mazurek (Uni Lethbridge)

Education and Society in the Post-Communist Era: A Comparative Study of the Perceptions of Russian Teachers and Polish Teachers-In-Training

Dr. V. Janikowa (Päd. Universität Brno)

Modernisation of Society through Modernisation of Teacher Training

Prof. Dr. M. Cerkez (Uni Bucharest)

Demands for professional and characteristic competence of teaching staff 

Prof. Dr. G.F. Karpowa/Prof. Dr. T.J. Zhilina

(Uni Rostov a. Don)

Science and education in “Konzeption der Neusphäre” by W. J. Wermadski

Prof. Dr. S.A. Rastschjotina (Herzen – Uni, St. Petersburg)

The social and cultural context for modern education at universities

19.30                         Dinner

Tuesday, 14.09.2004


9.00 – 12.00 School visitations

- Lyzeum, Studentscheskaja 5/1

- Secondary school Quelle, Peterburgskaja 118, Geb. 3

- General-education School, Nr. 32

(Focus: aesthetics/Arts), Svobodi, House 14 A

- University gymnasium Soroka, Moskovskaja 22/3  


12.00 – 13.00              Lunch at the schools

13.30 – 14.30             Tour through the Jaroslawer Court

15.00 – 19.00 Lectures and workshops

Institution of Education Economy and Personnel Development,

Tscheremnova 7


Block III

School Reform as Humanising Impulse

Prof. Dr. W.G. Worontzova (Academy for teacher education, St. Petersburg)

Humanistic values in Russian Education

Prof. Dr. R.W. Keck (Uni Hildesheim)

The meaning of traditional lessons for educational modernisation

AOR H. Lohrenz (Uni Hildesheim)

Strengthening of the “people’s school” as a goal for education modernisation

Dr. M. Rudolph (Uni Hildesheim)

„The school“ next to the school

D. Whybra, B.A.Hons. (Uni Hildesheim)

The German-French bilingual primary school in Hannover – an innovation for the German School System

H. Schröder (Uni Hildesheim)

Modernisation of the school system through the media?

19.30                           Dinner


Wednesday,  15.09.2004 

9.00 – 12.00  Lectures and workshops

Block IV


Intercultural comparisons of Students behaviour and motivation to learn

Dr. O.M. Seitschenko (representing. Education-Director of Nowgorod)

Profile orientated lessons – Concepts, Models, Experiences

Prof. Dr. O. Graumann/

Dr. A. Schirin (Uni Hildesheim/Uni Nowgorod)

Achievement anxiety of German and Russian students and quality of motivation in German and Russian schools. A comparative study between  School studies in Germany and Russia (Nowgorod)

Dr. H. Barlage (Uni Hildesheim)

Possible methods  to prevent violence in schools

Dr. S. Laichail (Finnland)

Comparative Study: Student Attitude towards lessons in Finland and Russia



12.15                       Reception from the Mayor of Nowgorod,

Mrs. T.P. Alexejewa

13.30                       Lunch

14.30                      Tour of the Chutin Monastery  

17.00                      Uni Nowgorod, Antonowo, Soroka – Meeting Centre

Chairman of the German-Russian Lexicon

„100 Terms in modern School and University Management “

17.45                       Congress Closing discussion

19.00                       Dinner


Thursday, 16.09.2004 

Uni Nowgorod, Peterburgskaja 41

Conference room

9.30 – 12.00        Member meeting

- Election of the executive committee

-  Member Contributions

- Yearbook and Journal


12.00 – 13.00            Lunch

13.00 – 15.00            Boat trip on the Wolchow

19.00                          Dinner

Friday, 17.09.2004


10.00                           Tour of Jurjew-monastery

And the open air museum ‚Vitoslawlitce’


Saturday, 18.09.2004 

7.00                            Departure to St. Petersburg

from 10.00                             City tour and sight-seeing

Sunday, 19.09.2004