Project launch 2010

Information about the project


Cross-linked and staged training and further education in education management




(Duration 2010 – 2013)


The main aim of this project is to develop and implement new curricula for an international Cross-linked and staged training and further education proposal, including postgraduate training, within education management as defined by the Bologna-Process. This is proposed to be implemented in two Russian universities (Nowgorod and Smolensk), one Russian further education centre in St Petersburg, two Ukrainian universities (Dnepropetrowsk, Chmelnitzki) and two Belarusian universities (Witebsk, Brest).

EU-Networkpartner is the University of Bielefeld, the Donau-University Krems (Austria) and the Technical University Lodz (Poland).

The project is led by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Olga Graumann, University of Hildesheim (Germany) und Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Michael Pewsner, University of Nowgorod (Russia).


Quality control of the transnational further education proposals will be achieved through setting up of authority centres for “lifelong learning” in every partner university. The post graduate training for further education management will be implemented in the subsequent education proposal with particular respect for internationalrelations. The study proposals that need further development or need to be restructured will be accordingly built on the three-tiered system and will use the European credit transfer system (ECTS) and include their own regulations regarding qualifications according to each country and internationally between the universities involved. The Cross-linking of training and further education and education management and the inclusion of postgraduate programmes in the subsequent structure of study is exemplary and can be used as a prototype for staged interdisciplinary and transnational study proposals.