International Networking

International Networking through Project Work within IAHE

The EU project

Networked and Consecutive Initial and Further Education and Training in Educational Management


was successfully concluded in the spring of 2013.


Looking back, three years of intensive project work can now be documented. The network consisting of 12 West and East European Universities achieved its main aim and effectively carried out the tasks set out in the project: i.e.

The provision of an international curriculum for three consecutive phases of initial and further education with required standards


The provision of a transnational curriculum in a three-cycle-system for doctorate students in Educational Management.

Each East European partner built up a centre of competence Educational Management and International Educational Programmes with the assistance and advice of the EU Universities, which will work sustainably towards quality assurance in transnational further education programmes. Thanks go to all the academic personnel and scientists of the network who, in international personal exchanges, were ready to form new networks and give shape to new and further cooperation in tertiary education between the European Union and its partner countries, as well as to the understanding between cultures, in designing the academic landscape of tomorrow. A lively exchange of students and lecturers further strengthened and intensified the intellectual scientific dialogue between East and West. 

The consortium:

Germany: the University of Hildesheim (project management), the University of Bielefeld and the German University of Further Education, Berlin

Austria: the Donau University in Krems

Poland: the Polytechnic University of Lodz

Russia: the  State Universityof Nowgorod, the Academy of Further Education in St. Petersburg and the State University of Smolensk

The Ukraine: the National Universities of Dnipropetrowsk and Chmelnitzki

Belarus: the State University of Brest and the National University of Vitebsk

Latvia: the University of Liepaja.

Numerous articles in specialist journals, conference volumes and books (e.g. B. O. Prikot, A. Winogradow, G. Glebowa (2012): Lehrbuch Innovatives Schulmanagement; M. Pewsner, A. Schirin, P. Petrjakow, A. Savtschuk (2012): Hochschulentwicklung im internationalen Vergleich; O. Graumann, I. Diel, E. Barancic (2013): Aspekte von Bildung aus osteuropäischer Sicht) were written in the course of the project and presented at conferences and in seminars. More at