§ 11 - Points of order

  1. Points of order can be made at any time. The chairperson may request that motions or proposals on points of order have to be made in written form.
  2. Points of order are voted upon immediately, interrupting the list of speakers, after the proposer and one opposer have spoken.
  3. Participants who have already spoken on the subject may not submit a motion or proposal on a point of order to close the debate or close the list of speakers.
  4. The following points of order are admissible: A motion or a proposal to 

    Adjourn the General Assembly 
    2. Remove the point on the agenda 
    3. Return to the agenda 
    4. Not deal with a motion or proposal 
    5. Defer a point on the agenda 
    6. Interrupt the Assembly 
    7. Close the debate, resp. waive speaking time 
    8. Close the list of speakers 
    9. Limit speaking time 
    10. Combine points on the agenda 
    11. Adoptaspecialformofvoting 
    12. Regulate the counting or recounting of votes