Talk: Anke Graneß "On the Decolonisation of Philosophy and its History"

Mittwoch, 26. April 2023 um 10:00 Uhr

26.-27- April 2023, Research Center Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society, University of Vienna


Politics of Dis-Enclosure: Religion, Community, Violence

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27. April 2023, 16 Uhr

Anke Graness "On the Decolonisation of Philosophy and its History"

Philosophy as a discipline is slowly beginning to face the challenges of an increasingly globalised world and the inevitable and difficult task of decolonisation that this entails – and has obvious difficulties in doing so. For it is not only the exclusion of philosophical traditions from different regions of the world from the history of philosophy as well as from current debates that is under criticism, but also quite fundamentally the claims to truth and universal validity associated with philosophical theories. Also the grand narratives of the history of philosophy as a continuous progress of the mind are called into question. Decolonising philosophy and its history, then, does not simply mean adding theories and concepts from other regions, but goes to the heart of philosophical work: analysing the epistemic framework of philosophy to uncover deep-rooted centrisms, racisms and sexisms, and the long-denied involvement of European philosophy in European expansion and colonialism. How then can one approach the historiography of philosophy today? In my talk, I will discuss the consequences for the future of a globally oriented historiography of philosophy.