CALL FOR PAPERS: Histories of Philosophy in a Global Perspective - Theoretical and Axiological Approaches

Dienstag, 01. März 2022 um 00:00 Uhr

Deadline 31. March 2022, East Asian Journal of Philosophy (EAJP)


Histories of Philosophy in a Global Perspective


Guest Editors:
Anke Graness (University of Hildesheim)
Yoko Arisaka (University of Hildesheim)

The humanities are undergoing fundamental change with respect to the horizons of globalization. While it is increasingly self-evident for historians to approach history within the framework of global entanglements, a global approach to the history of philosophy as well as contemporary philosophy has evolved only rudimentarily so far.
For a global future of philosophy, it is therefore necessary to re-conceptualize a historiography of philosophy in a global perspective, in which the Eurocentric constrictions of the history of philosophy are overcome. These constrictions evolved mainly in the 18th and 19th century in Europe and have largely shaped the image of philosophy also in the 20th century and to the present, not only in Europe but worldwide.
We face the challenge to include philosophical traditions and their representatives from all over the world today, and at the same time to develop new methods, classification criteria and periodization. To this aim, we solicit papers that re-evaluate and redefine the framework and scope of philosophical historiography from a globalized, race, class and gender sensitive perspective. The papers could address such a reconstruction of historiography from a particular linguistic or geographical framework, or it could be a methodological reflection on a globalized historiography of philosophy itself.

The submission language is English. See EAJP webpage ( for the complete set of instructions. Submissions that do not comply with these instructions will not be taken into consideration. All submissions will undergo a double-blind review process.
In this EAJP Special Issue, all articles must focus on at least one specific theoretical issue, and must present it in a way which is accessible also to readers who are not familiar with the language, or the specific tradition of the case. EAJP is looking for original, previously unpublished research articles that contribute to the development and transformation of the (until now Eurocentric) field of Historiography of Philosophy. Submissions of research articles should be no longer than around 8,000 words in total, including bibliography. An abstract of max. 500 words, a list of 5-7 keywords, and a short author bio of max. 500 words should be included.

Deadline for submitting papers via the EAJP online system: 31 March 2022
Publication of the volume: December 2022
For questions, please contact the editor (Arisaka): (Please write “EAJP” in the subject.)
EAJP is published by sdvig press under CC-BY Creative Commons Attribution.

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