The Graduate Center is the umbrella of interdisciplinary activities at the University of Hildesheim regarding the support of young researchers. The center supports doctoral candidates and researchers at an early stage in their careers. Here you can get all the information about doctorates, habilitation and junior professorships. Furthermore, it provides a comprehensive qualification program and supports with an individual counselling. The center cooperates with the International Office of the University of Hildesheim to support international doctoral candidates: 

 International Office - Information for International Doctorate Candidates

The International Office would like to support international doctoral candidates in their studies at the University of Hildesheim and offers a comprehensive service:

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Website: International Office [LINK]

Ulrike Bädecker-Zimmermann



Telefon: +49 5121 883-92006
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Raum: G 208 - Gebäude G (Hauptcampus)
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 German as a second, foreign, new ... scientific language - Project DAWID

At the University of Hildesheim, the project DAWID started in January 2021. It is a cooperation between the deans of studies of all departments, the Graduate Center, the International Office, the Institute for Intercultural Communication, the Institute for German Language and Literature and the Reading and Writing Center. The project is financed by central study quality funds.

The goal of the project is to initiate a permanent structure to support international students in the field of German, especially German as a foreign academic language in all phases of their studies. In this respect, the project is also aimed at international graduate students. The project comprises a total of six offerings. Of particular interest to international graduate students may be the proofreading counseling and the language learning counseling:

Website: More information on the project website [LINK]

Veronika Mutabazi



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