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Tuesday, 23. July 2019 um 10:00 Uhr

23.-27. July 2019 – Summer School Multilingualism and Diversity Education 2019 with Elena Nicoladis, Tanja Kupisch, Henrik Gyllstad

2nd Summer School: Multilingualism and Diversity, Bühler Campus Ground Floor

The next triennial summer school: Multilingualism and Diversity will take place at the University of Hildesheim, Bühler Campus. The five-day event will centre around academic lectures and intense discourse between speakers, PhD students and academics.

On the first three days of the workshop, invited speakers will present their latest research and encourage participants to engage in lively debate about the topic. Speakers from the University of Hildesheim will shape the fourth day. On the fifth day, participants will present their projects and receive feedback.

The speakers will held a whole workshop day (10:00 – 16:00 including breaks) to present their research. The focus will be on research into bilingual acquisition, lexicon, dominance and balance.

The group of participants includes PhD students and early-stage researchers from the whole of Germany. The summer school will be held in English and German.


  • Elena Nicoladis, University of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Tanja Kupisch, Universität Konstanz, Germany / University of Tromsö, Norway
  • Henrik Gyllstad, Lund University, Sweden


Prof. Dr. Elke G. Montanari, University of Hildesheim
Center for Diversity Education

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