ONLINE Symposium on Feminism: Feminst Knowledge Production vs. Right-Wing Populism. The Targeting of European Gender Studies

Friday, 11. December 2020 um 11:00 Uhr

A series of events of the Center for Gender Studies (ZfG)

Where? The event is provided with the web conference system based on BigBlueButton (BBB). The link will be provided after registration.

When? 11:00 - 14:00

Speaker: Agnieszka Graff, Eszter Kovats

Info: This event is the first of what the ZfG intents to be an ongoing series of talks and discussions. Russia and Hungary shut down the Gender Studies programmes from their universities, Rumania announced to do the same, Bulgaria is reported to constrain Gender research projects and also in countries like Poland, Sweden and Belgium the pressure on the subject is rising. Further, in Germany and Switzerland, right-wing based attacks against the discipline have been observed for a couple of years. Those, who lash out against the discipline and its researchers are – occasionally unlikely – alliances of heterogeneous actors: Right-wing movements, conservatives, religious groups and spokespeople, populists and subcultural extremists as well as established professors.    
While not completely new, these events and dynamics deserve attention, solidarity and careful observation and analysis, as well as the urgent question on where to go from here. The connection of Gender Studies as a prime opponent of various right-wing actors reveals the powerful society shifting character of the knowledge and discourse they produce. This connection itself is a still too often overlocked aspect in the urgent question of how to fortify and defend democracies in current times.
In the symposium we invited two experts who will both share the perspectives and experiences from these countries. After the talks there will be a mutual discussion.  
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Please register at zfg(at) . Students, members of the university as well as the general public are very cordially invited.