Philosophy of Race

(* Terminal M.A.)

Binghamton University (NY): Asian, Africana, Asian-American, Fem, Gender, Postcolonial, Diasporic, Trans

Boston College (MA): Fem, Race, Asian

Columbia University (NY): Race

Cornell University (NY): Fem, Race, Asian, African

DePaul University (IL): Fem, Latin-American, Comparative, Race

Emory University (GA): African-American, Puerto Rico, Fem, Gender, Race, Decolonial, Holocaust, Migration

Marquette University: Fem, Gender, Race, Latin-American, Arabic and Islamic

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA): Fem, Race, Gender

New York University (NY): Africana, Race

Penn State University: Fem, Gender, Indigenous, Race, Latin-American, Africana

Stanford University (CA): Fem, Race

Stony Brook University (NY): Asian, Asian-American, Indian-Analytic, Comparative, Race, Fem

University of California Davis (CA): Fem, Race, Gender, Asian

University of California Los Angeles: Arabic and Islamic, Fem, Race

University of California Riverside (CA): African, Race, Gender, Comparative

University of Connecticut (CT): Race, Asian, African

University of Dallas (TX): Race

University of Memphis (TN): Fem, Gender, Race, Comparative, African

University of Miami (FL): Latin-American, Asian, Race

University of Oregon: Fem, Gender, Race, Latin-American, Indigenous

University of Pittsburg – History and Philosophy of Science (PA): Race

Vanderbilt University (TN): Fem, Race, Gender

Washington University in St. Louis (MO): Race

*American University (DC): Fem, Gender, Race, Latin-American, Asian

*George Washington University (DC): Fem, Race, Gender, African

*Kent State University: Fem, Race, Indigenous, Asian, Africana

*Louisiana State University (LA): Fem, Race

*San Diego State University (CA): Asian, Comparative, Fem, Gender, Race, Queer, Postcolonial

*San Jose State University (CA): Fem, Latin-American, Asian, African

*Southern Illinois University Carbondale (IL): Fem, Race, Gender, Asian, African

*Texas State University (TX): Fem, Gender, Latin-American, Asian

*Tufts University (MA): Fem, Race

*University of North Carolina at Charlotte (NC): Fem, Gender, Race, Latin-American, African

*West Chester University of Pennsylvania (PA): Fem, Race, Asian