Jahrestagung 2022

International Conference “mimesis – praxis – aisthesis. A constellation and its heritage”

Domäne, Hohes Haus, Aula (302)

DFG Research Training Group 2477 “Aesthetic Practice”
Organisation: Prof. Dr. Andreas Hetzel, Dr. Simone Niehoff, PD Dr. Lars Leeten

Modern philosophical aesthetics borrows its name from the ancient Greek term aisthesis. It traditionally examines works of art and objects perceived to be beautiful, focussing on how they are given to a subject of perception. In classical antiquity, however, questions concerning the nature of art and beauty were not exclusively, and not even primarily, adressed within the framework of sensual perception. Instead, art and beauty could be interpreted as being expressive of an activity that is an end in itself, i. e. praxis, and more specifically as imitation, i.e. mimesis, most famously in Aristotle. This conference aimed to explore the constellation of mimesis, praxis, and aisthesis and their tensions. Drawing on positions in western and east Asian aesthetics, the contributions dealt with the sources of the three concepts, their role in ancient and modern aesthetics and their lasting significance for contemporary reflection of art. The issues to be discussed included: Does aesthetic practice always imply an element of mimesis; and if so, in what way? In how far can mimesis be described as a practice? Can aisthesis be described as a practice too? Does it imply elements of mimesis? What do we miss if aesthetics is conceived of in perceptual terms only? And what do we gain when mimesis and praxis are no longer neglected? By discussing these issues in an international setting and in dialogue with the non-European tradition of Chinese philosophy and art, the conference contributed to deepening our understanding of the methods and scope of contemporary aesthetics.




Invited guests from the Chinese Culture University, Taipeh:
Hua-kuei Ho (Prof.), C. Lynne Hong (Associate Prof.), Feng-wei Wu (Associate Prof.), Meng-shi Chen (Assistant Prof.), Li-Fang Huang (PhD Student)

Invited guest speakers:
Prof. Dr. Josef Früchtl (Philosophy of Art and Culture, University of Amsterdam), Prof. Dr. Eva Schürmann (Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Technology and Culture, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg), Prof. Dr. Maria Muhle (Philosophy, Aesthetic Theory, Akademie der Bildenden Künste München)

Speakers of the Research Training Group / University of Hildesheim:
Meriam Bousselmi, Ludwig Drosch, Hannah Feiler, Prof. Dr. Andreas Hetzel, Theresa Mayer, Dr. Simone Niehoff, Meike Schudy / PD Dr. Lars Leeten