Teaching Case im Journal of Business Models (JOBM) veröffentlicht

lundi, 27. septembre 2021 um 16:56 Uhr

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass der Beitrag "Teaching Sustainable Business Models — A Modeling-Driven Approach" zur Publikation im Journal of Business Models (JOBM), Special Issue "Teaching Business Models Part 2" erfolgreich angenommen wurde.


Stadtländer, M., Schoormann, T., & Knackstedt, R. (2021). Teaching Sustainable Business Models— A Modeling-Driven Approach. Journal of Business Models (JOBM), 09/3, pp. 70-79.

Abstract. We report on lessons learned from a master-level university course teaching the development of sustainability-ori-ented business models by emphasizing the modeling perspective. Our approach combines traditional lectures with experiential learning-based elements such as small group exercises, case studies, and in-class reflection to foster students’ factual knowledge and practical skills.


Weitere Informationen/Artikel: https://www.journalofbusinessmodels.com/vol-9-no-3-2021/vol-9-no-3-70-79/