For any questions or documents concerning your stay abroad please contact

- Dr. Janet McLaughlin or

- Revert Klattenberg

during their office hours or by appointment.

It is part of the Zulassungsvoraussetzungen for the M.Ed. in the English Department to have spent at least 3 months in an English-speaking country. Please consider the following points:

  • You should address your questions about your time abroad to the relevant people in the department (at the moment Revert Klattenberg and Dr McLaughlin) before you make any further arrangements. You should not go by what other students tell you, as sometimes the information given might not be correct. 
  • Students who have already spent time abroad in an English-speaking country should bring the necessary documents to the relevant people to check that the stay will be accepted. The following criteria need to be met:

         o   the stay lasted at least three uninterrupted calendar months/90 days (e.g. 2 months in the UK;

              2 weeks in the USA; and three weeks in Ireland would not count)

         o   the stay took place in an English-speaking country (check list below)

         o   the stay was not of a purely touristic nature, that is, there was some work- or studies related purpose

  •  We recognize stays in the following countries:

        o   countries in which English is the official language or the language predominantly used in everyday interaction, i.e. the ‘main language’
            (e.g., UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia)

        o   countries in which English is de jure or de facto an official language (e.g., post-colonial countries like Singapore, India, South Africa,
             Ghana, the Philippines etc.), if you study at an English-language university

        o   the Scandinavian countries, if you take part in an Erasmus exchange

We do not accept stays in the Netherlands. Exceptions can be made in rare cases. For these, you have to get permission beforehand. If in any doubt about a country, please ask the relevant people.

  • In order to get your stay accepted, you need to show proof of your stay. You need to provide the following documents:

       o   travel documents (flight tickets, train tickets, any stamps in passport etc.) AND

       o   a hard copy of a letter from any employer (whether work is voluntary or not) stating the date the work started and finished and a brief
           description of work carried out OR

       o   any certificates, diplomas etc. you have from this time abroad

  • Please note that you cannot travel with another German speaker (or someone you share a language with other than German or English) as you will not be maximising your English speaking time, which is one of the purposes of this time abroad.