Center for Digital Change

As part of the founding of the Center for Digital Change, there was a slot of the University Library on November 23, 2018 with the title: The University Library Hildesheim: Helping to shape the Digital Change. One of the topics by the University Library was research data management, which was met with great interest. The question was: how can research data be kept accessible, re-usable and verifiable on the basis of a sound research data management?

A dialogue took place with the participants, starting from a data definition, the research funding aspects, to data management plans and tools to create such DMPs, to data repositories, reliable storage, sustainability of research (including publications of data, further processing of data), on legal issues and digital preservation of research data.

In order to be able to use the analog and digital research data in the long term, comprehensive research data management is needed at the University of Hildesheim. For this reason, the University Library in Hildesheim deals with the complex task and all necessary cooperations in RDM, i.e. in collaboration with the data center. Information infrastructures (HilData, digital access systems) are being continuously developed by the new services (for example in the field of Open Access) and new services are furthermore being developed and interfaces to existing ones (such as the RDMO data management plan tool) have been created. Digital change is on the one hand to be seen in the context of open science, on the other hand, legal issues and research ethics determine research data management. Curation criteria and quality standards play a very important key role in the course of Digital Change, also at the University of Hildesheim!


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