„Research Data are a valuable asset“: Research Data Management at the University of Hildesheim – University of Hildesheim main website

A report on the importance of Research Data Management for the University of Hildesheim has been published on the website of the University of Hildesheim.

„The management of research data is directly related to the „safeguarding of good scientific practice“ and the explicit requirements of research funding agencies. Research data must be kept safe, accessible and reusable. Today no scientific institution can escape this demand. This is why we create structures and procedures at all levels that enable scientists to fulfill these requirements so that they at the same timeare able to do their research without any stress“.

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„Research Data Management is part of the development of the digitization strategy of universities. In close cooperation with the researchers who are responsible for their own research, RDM is being developed further on all levels. The daily tasks therefore include  basic education for Research Data Management through workshops, training and „Coffee Lectures“ at the university library and of course many individual consultations. This includes working on data management plans, participating in the collaborative development of research data infrastructures, taking into account new use cases and workflows, using research data management tools with scientists and deal with policy considerations. Important is the determination of requirements and needs as well as the analysis of user groups. In addition, there is the regular exchange with the data protection officer of the university, the research funding advisors and the ethics committee. Finally, linking research data and research publications requires special attention.“


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