Forschungsdaten der NFDI4Culture.

  • NFDI4Culture ist das Forschungsdatenkonsortium der NFDI zu materiellen und immateriellen Kulturgütern
  • NFDI4Culture führt verschiedene Disziplinen in ihren Forschungsinteressen, und in gemeinsamer Arbeit an den passenden Infrastrukturen zusammen.

„NFDI4Culture deals with multimodal data types on two levels: (1) digital representations of cultural assets, such as all forms of 2D digital reproductions (paintings, sculptures, sheet music, photography, performed works of art, etc.), 3D models of cultural assets (from artefacts to large man-made structures such as monuments and buildings) created by photogrammetric processes, laser-based 3D scanners or structured light systems, all types of audio-visual data (music, film, stage performances etc.). And (2) procedural research data, such as graphic formats (raster and vector including image metadata), formats for the digital depiction of music, computer-generated structures of cultural assets on the basis of CAD/CAAD or rendering programmes, computer-based simulations of cultural spaces or artistic performances, encoding and annotation formats (music encoding, image annotation, time tags and shape annotations for videos etc.), and a broad range of metadata and semantic models for the description of tangible and intangible cultural assets.“