Projektarbeiten sowie Abschlussarbeiten für Bachelor- und Master Studierende

Abschlussarbeiten für Bachelor- und Master-Studierende

Forschung ist spannend und macht Spass! Für Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten sollten dies auch gelten.

  • Verschiedene Themen im Bereich Fallbasiertes Schließen

  • Verschiedene Themen im Bereich Wissensbasierte Systeme sowie Aufbau und (kollaborative) Wartung von Wissen

  • Knowledge Worker Szenarien

    Zu allen drei gibt's eine Übersicht möglicher Themen. Genauere Themen nach Absprache.
  • Analyse bestehender O/R Mapping Frameworks
    Exposé des Themas (pdf)

  • Building CBR Systems with the aim of Frameworks

    Among other commercial CBR tool(set)s there exist a couple of research frameworks, for instance JColibri. This should be investigated, attention should turned to the building of the of the domain model using ontologies. Some further examination could done on the building textual CBR systems with jcolibri. Finally some comparisons with related work should be done. From the introduction in the user manual of colibri: jCOLIBRI is an object-oriented framework in Java for building Case Based Reasoning (CBR) systems that is an evolution of previous work on knowledge intensive CBR. A framework is a reusable, "semi-complete" application that can be specialized to produce custom applications. jCOLIBRI is a software artifact that promotes software reuse for building CBR systems, integrating the application of well proven Software Engineering techniques with a knowledge level description that separates the problem solving method, that defines the reasoning process, from the domain model, that describes the domain knowledge. Framework instantiation is supported by a graphical interface that guides the configuration of a particular CBR system, alleviating the steep learning curve typical for these type of systems. jCOLIBRI is built around a task/method ontology, a knowledge level description that guides the framework design, determines possible extensions and supports the framework instantiation process. Tasks and methods are described in terms of a domain-independent CBR ontology (CBROnto) which is mapped into the classes of the framework.

    JColibri bei Sourceforge

    Recio, J. A., Agudo, B. D., Martin, M. A. G., & Wiratunga, N. (2005).
    Extending JCOLIBRI for Textual CBR. Paper presented at the Sixth International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, Chicago.
    This paper summarizes our work in textual CBR within jCOLIBRI, and its use over web pages. We use Information Extraction techniques to annotate web pages to facilitate semantic retrieval over the web. Similarity matching techniques from CBR are applied to retrieve these annotated pages.