"Language is not just a means to an end but likewise an end in itself."


Bibliographical selection

Below, you will find a selection of my academic writing, reflecting my research interests of the past and present. Please, note: if any of the pdf-files do not open properly when you click on the link, you can download them on your computer (right mouse click, then "save as ..." in the context menu) and open the documents locally.

Free verse poetry is supposed to be unmetrical by definition. In my PhD thesis (University of East Anglia, 1997), I am arguing that a metrical analysis of free verse can yield interesting insights into how free verse poetry unfolds its poetic qualities:

For a brief introduction into the principles of metrical theory, I recommend the following essay:

In traditional poetry, the mnemonic power of rhyme depends on a regular metrical pattern based on predictable lines without enjambment. By contrast, the workings of rhyme in free verse poetry are more subtle:

Further essays can be found on the Internet. If you are interested in the translation of rhymed poetry, you might enjoy reading "Translating rhymed poetry - Thomas Hardy's Neutral Tones". If you are more into media translation, you may want to take a look at "The Quality of Translation in Subtitling", published in trans-kom 4 (2011).

Following my publication on the quality of translation in subtitling, there is another article in audiovisual translation, dealing with audio description. In this article, I compare various audio description guidelines (from the United States, the UK, Australia, Ireland, Germany, and France) and discuss their respective merits and demerits:

Not suitable for quotations but more convenient for reading is this version of the same text:

My major research interest is in translation quality. When it comes to assessing the quality of a translated text, a fundamental issue to be tackled is the subjective point of view of the evaluator. The question whether, or to what extent, the subjective can be eliminated in the process of evaluation is discussed in the following German-language essay published in Studia Translatorica: