For any questions or documents concerning your stay abroad please contact

- Dr. Janet McLaughlin or

- Dr. Maximiliane Frobenius

during their office hours or by appointment.

Dear Students,

To enter the master program of the English Department, you need to have been abroad in an English-speaking country or a country where English is an official language for at least three months. These three months cannot be split up! The stay abroad is necessary to enter the master program but not receive your bachelor degree. You have many options what you could do, e.g. work and travel, do an intership, work as an au pair, study, .... So far, you had to have been abroad before applying for the master program--but since the course and internship time slots (SPS, ASP) were changed at the University of Hildesheim in 2014, you don't have too many semester breaks any more that you can use for going abroad. Here are the new options: (1) you can go after the second semester (and might have to miss a week or two of classes or some exams, but they can usually be made up), (2) you take off one semester (or more) and go abroad then.