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  • Institut für Psychologie [Wiss. Angestellte]
  • Auswahlkommission Lore-Auerbach-Stipendien / Deutschlandstipendien Fachbereich 1 [Vertreterin Gruppe Wiss. Mitarb. (WM)]

Biographical Sketch

since 06/2014Research staff and Lecturer, Department of General Psychology, University of Hildesheim
01/2013 - 05/2014Work group leader (executive functions) and researcher, Transfer centre of Neuroscience, University of Ulm
08/2010 - 12/2012Postdoctoral researcher, Brain Research Unit, Low Temperature Laboratory, Aalto University School of Science, Espoo, Finland
02/2009 - 07/2010Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Psychology, Max-Planck-Institute of Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany

PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) University of Leipzig, Germany

Topic: Processing of self-initiated sounds: Evidence from EEG studies

02/2006 - 01/2009PhD student in the graduate programme "functions of attention in cognition", Department of Biological including Cognitive Psychology, University of Leipzig, Germany
10/2000 - 01/2006Studies of Psychology, University of Leipzig, Germany




WS 2018/19 Seminar "Wissenschaftliche Praxis 1" (Bachelor Psychologie)

Seminar "Projektband Psychologie: social cognition Teil 3" (Lehramt)

Seminar "Implicit attitude measures: From concepts to current problems" (Master Psychologie)

SS 2018 Seminar "Wissenschaftliche Praxis 2" (Bachelor Psychologie)

Seminar "Projektband Psychologie: social cognition Teil 2" (Lehramt)

Seminar "From the self and sense of agency to joint action: a literature seminar" (Master Psychologie)


WS 2017/18 Seminar "Wissenschaftliche Praxis 1" (Bachelor Psychologie)

Seminar "Implicit and explicit measures for research with focus on migration" (Master Psychologie)

Seminar "Projektband Psychologie: social cognition Teil 1" (Lehramt)


SS 2017    Seminar "Wissenschaftliche Praxis 2" (Bachelor Psychologie)

   Seminar "Paradigmen der „Allgemeinen Psychologie 1 in der Anwendung in der Sportpsychologie" (Bachelor Psychologie)

   Seminar "Self, self-agency, & joint action" (Master Psychologie)

WS 2016/17

Seminar "Wissenschaftliche Praxis 1" (Bachelor Psychologie)

Seminar "Evaluationsprojekt" (Master Psychologie)

Seminar "Emotion & Motivation" (Bachelor Psychologie)

SS 2016

Seminar "Wissenschaftliche Praxis 2" (Bachelor Psychologie)

Seminar "Allgemeine Psychologie 1: Paradigmen der visuellen Aufmerksamkeit" (Bachelor Psychologie)

WS 2015/16

Seminar "Wissenschaftliche Praxis 1" (Bachelor, Psychologie)

Seminar "Handeln und Handeln lassen" (Master, Psychologie)

Seminar "Methoden der Psychologie" (Nebenfach Psychologie)

SS 2015

Seminar "Methoden der Datenerhebungsverfahren" (Bachelor Psychologie, 2 Parallelkurse)

Seminar "Emotion & Motivation: Entwicklung von Emotionen" (Bachelor Psychologie)

WS 2014/15

Seminar "Methoden und Experimentalprogramme der Psychologie" (Nebenfach)

Seminar "Der Handlung auf der Spur" (Master Psychologie)



Research Interests

  • joint action
  • agency
  • sensory attenuation
  • self/other differentiation





Articles in peer-reviewed journals

[12]     Baess, P., Weber, T., & Bermeitinger, C. (in press). Sharing different reference frames: How stimulus setup and task setup shape egocentric and allocentric Simon Effects. Frontiers in Psychology.

[11]     Baess, P., & Prinz, W. (2017). Face/agent interference in individual and social context. Social Cognition, 35(2), 146-162.

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[9]       Baess, P., & Prinz, W. (2015). My partner is also in my mind: Social context-driven modulation of the visual N1 response. Experimental Brain Research, 233(1), 105-113.

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[1]       Grimm, S., Schröger, E., Bendixen, A., Baess, P., Roye, A. & Deouell, L.Y. (2008). Optimizing the auditory distraction paradigm: Behavioral and event-related potential effects in a lateralized multi-deviant approach. Clinical Neurophysiology, 119, 934-947.  


Monographs & book chapters

Bermeitinger, C. & Baess, P. (2018). Gedächtnis und Wissensabruf. In J. Strohmer (Hrsg.). Herausgeberwerk zur Darstellung zentraler psychologischer Inhaltsbereiche für Fachkräfte in Kita, Krippe und Hort.Bern: Hogrefe. 

Baess, P. & Brandes, C. (2015). Gedächtnisabruf. IN: C. Bermeitinger (Ed.). Paradigmen der Kognitiven Psychologie: Stimmung II. Berlin: Uni-Edition.

Baess, P. (2010). Processing of self-initiated sounds: Evidence from EEG. Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsbuchverlag.