Dual Master's program "Social Services"

The University of Hildesheim offers the nationwide first consecutive, career integrated Dual Master's program "Social Services" that aims at preparing students for a highly qualified activity in the management of social services. The focus is on the field of child and youth welfare services and social services in the labor market. The Master program is consecutive to the relevant Bachelor's degree in Social and Organizational Education of the Department I of the University of Hildesheim or to another equivalent degree.

The students of the dual Master's degree program acquire comprehensive social and organizational pedagogical knowledge for the social services of child and youth welfare and social services in the labor market as well as in-depth research methodological skills and specific skills in the professional transfer of practical and theoretical knowledge relevant for the focused fields of work. Due to the integrated dual-occupational structure, students are specially prepared for leading positions in social services in child and youth services and social services in the labor market.

In the program, innovative forms of knowledge transfer between university and professional practice are treated as didactic subjects in response to changing forms of social service provision in the relevant fields. In addition, the skills of knowledge transfer are promoted by special forms of examinations in which the students have to transfer the acquired theoretical knowledge to practical problems (theory-practice-transfer) or reflect on practical experience scientifically (practice-theory-transfer). In addition, the development of transfer competence as the basis of a professional attitude is promoted.

This enables the graduates to recognize organizational relationships and functionalities and to develop measures for their change. They can classify relevant practical problems diagnostically and theoretically founded and professionally edit. To do so, they can transfer scientific methods and insights independently and creatively into work-related contexts in the fields of social services in child and youth services and social services in the labor market. By qualifying social services in this way, the Masters Degree in Social Inclusion can also be seen as a response to the shortage of skilled workers in social services and enables social services in child and youth services and social services to establish new forms of human resource development in the labor market at this level of qualification in the social services in Lower Saxony.

The graduates of the dual Master's program Social Services also qualify for the postgraduate academic qualification.