Abstract Dr. Sven Tode: Didactic possibilities for transferring the topic ‘Crusades’

The under the modern term of ‘Crusades’ summarised military dispute between Christians and Muslims in Palestine as well as the ‘faithless’ and ‘orthodox’ in the east of Europe provide diverse examples for the transfer of culture, knowledge and deed. Boundary-experiences of culture areas, religious encounters, questions of habitus, medical and linguistical transfer, techniques of fighting and numerous more things sire transfers in society and culture in the coverage of ‘Crusades’. The differentiation between ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ in this context does not only occur through religious correlation and superelevation, but rather lined through stereotypes, concept of enemies and other ideological superstructures.

My contribution is supposed to be less about the contents but more about the level of abstraction. In this section, transfer is, next to the pure category of education, understood as didactical section of teaching and learning. Those are understood as a succession constructive of categories without denying the specific in the general. Important is to show the possibilities for categorising, for principles and comparing with the example of Crusades, not only to raise pupils but further more to raise citizens to be critical questioning contemporaries.