As part of the Department of Cultural Policy at the University of Hildesheim, the UNESCO Chair disseminates knowledge about the structures of cultural policy and administration, and develops skills in mediation of arts and culture and arts education as the basis for public and private cultural organizations (including the German concept of the 'Kulturstaat'). It also helps students to develop the ability to reflect on issues relating to public and private initiatives in cultural policy, form their own opinions, and set themselves quality standards as disseminators of culture. The Chair's close ties with the arts departments at the University of Hildesheim and beyond in the arts landscapes provide opportunities for learning about management in relation to different forms of the arts, and using an audience-focused approach. The work of the Department of Cultural Policy is based on a broad concept of culture, which it applies it to the theory and practice of the arts.

The UNESCO Chair at Hildesheim is also keen to give its courses a more international flavor. Its seminars are increasingly focused on topics that reflect an international context, and this is also shown in the research topics selected for Bachelor's and Master's dissertations. As part of the Bachelor Plus program “Cultural Policy in an International Context”, students spend an additional year studying at a partner university in Africa, the Mediterranean region or Europe. Other double degree programs are also planned for the Master's course in Mediation of Arts and Culture.

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