Lifelong learning

The KET has set itself the goal of promoting entrepreneurial thinking and action at the University of Hildesheim (UH) and establishing an activating start-up culture. This is not only interesting for potential founders, because: Entrepreneurial competence is one of the eight key competences for lifelong learning.

Key competences are those competences that all people need for their personal development, social integration, citizenship and employment. (ABL 394/10, 30.12.2006, P. 4).


Entrepreneurial competence - turning ideas into action

Entrepreneurial thinking and acting includes understanding economic contexts, creative skills as well as social skills in the form of teamwork and communication. This is needed both in personal career development and in the implementation of private projects. KET understands this as the competence to actively shape one's own life.


Our qualification offers...

  • ...raise awareness around the topic of "entrepreneurship": from business succession, start-up on the side to social start-up.
  • ... put an end to false prejudices
  • ... support people interested in setting up a business in the realisation of their start-up projects
  • ... build up relevant start-up skills
  • ...enable students to be entrepreneurial

The KET would like to give all members of the UH the opportunity to train their entrepreneurial skills. A 5-step concept was developed for this purpose: