Digital Products Area


Be an Innovator Student


 BearingPoint's idea competition is aimed at students with digital product ideas.  

Health Care Area


Eugen Münch-Preis


Every year, the Münch Foundation awards the Eugen Münch Prize for innovative ideas to improve health care, in the category "Health Care Research" and "Practical Applications".


Ideas & Start-up Competitions



breakthrough award


Start-ups from all sectors can apply for the WEKA MEDIA PUBLISHING GmbH award.


The German Innovation Award


The award is aimed at start-ups that were founded no more than five years ago, have their headquarters in Germany and have developed most of their innovations here.


German Excellence Award


According to the motto digital-innovativ-kreativ, awards are given to start-ups with excellent products or services, among others.


DurchSTARTERpreis Nbank


The prize is aimed at start-ups in Lower Saxony in 4 categories: Newcomer (January of the previous year), Scale-Up(<6 years), Science Spin-Off + Special Prize Corona-Solution (2020).


German Founder's Award


In the StartUp category, awards are given to young entrepreneurs (<3) who inspire with a particularly effective business idea, take advantage of new market opportunities and lead their company single-mindedly to the top.




The GENERATION-D competition is aimed at student teams or young professionals (<3 years in the profession) from all disciplines who solve current local and global challenges.


German Startup Award


The German Startup Awards 2021 will be presented in eight categories and one special category to outstanding personalities of the German startup ecosystem.


KfW Award Gründen


Applications are open to young companies (<5 years old) from all sectors that are based in Germany.


Promotion North Hesse


The competition addresses potential founders and young entrepreneurs (founded >01.01. of the previous year) with business concepts from all sectors nationwide.




The start-up competition focuses on potential company founders who have a technological or digital idea for an innovative product/service.


Several areas/clusters

Areas: Automotive, Chemistry/Plastics, Energy/Environment/Solar Technology, Information Technology, Life Sciences


IQ Innovation Award Central Germany


The competition honours marketable innovations from start-ups, founders, students & scientists in the 5 clusters: Automotive; Chemistry/Plastics; Energy/Environment/Solar Technology; Information Technology; Life Sciences.

Areas: Life Sciences, Chemicals and Energy




Science4Life is a business plan competition for students, doctoral candidates, scientific staff and employees & entrepreneurs from the fields of life sciences, chemistry (Science4Life Venture Cup) & energy (Science4Life Energy Cup).

Areas: Artificial intelligence, energy transition, health industry, material science or mobility, special prize New Work


STEP Award


The award honours young (at least 3 years on the market), innovative & fast-growing companies in the fields of artificial intelligence, energy transition, health industry, material science or mobility - special award New Work - that are primarily active in B2B business.


Specific industry/focus/target group

Education sector




The programme is aimed at social entrepreneurs in the education sector and supports start-up projects and young start-ups (<3 years).


delina Award


The Innovation Award for Digital Education is aimed at projects and concepts that combine innovative future technologies and media with everyday learning.

Area Business Intelligence/Analytics and Data Management


BARC Start-up Award



Awards are given to young companies (<6 years) that offer software solutions or software-supported services in the field of business intelligence/analytics and data management.

Area Circular Cities


Hans Sauer Prize 2021


In 2021, the prize is dedicated to the theme: "Circular Cities". The categories are: Ideas, Strategies and Best Practices. Start-ups and academic institutions, among others, can apply.

Content Area




The competition is aimed at start-ups whose business models are related to the content industry.

Area FinTech


Fintech Germany Award


The Fintech Germany Award honours start-ups in the FinTech sector.

Area Food and beverage innovations


REWE Start-Up Award


Participation is open to start-ups with food and beverage innovations in the narrower sense (market launch of the product < 5 years / no prototype status).

Gastronomy section


German Gastronomy Start-up Prize


The prize is open to adult persons who opened a gastronomic business in Germany, Austria or Switzerland at the beginning of the year or who plan to do so by the end of the year.

Area: Information and Communication Technology


Start-up competition - digital innovations


According to its name, the start-up competition focuses on innovative ideas for start-ups in the field of information and communication technology.

Circular economy sector


Green Alley Award


The Green Alley Award honours young start-ups (<5 years) in the circular economy.

Focus seniors


SENovation Award


The award is aimed at young start-ups (>29.06.2017) or prospective founders who develop services specifically for older people.

Target group women


Darboven IDEE Promotion Award


The promotion award honours viable and promising business concepts of female entrepreneurs (<3 years self-employed) from all economic sectors.  


Next Generation Award


The award honours successful female business successors and is aimed at family-internal and external successors.




The start-up initiative is looking for innovative, technology-oriented start-ups that are <5 years old, have their headquarters in Germany and at least one woman in the founding team.

Location Hanover Region




The start-up competition Startup-Impuls is aimed at fresh company founders (this year) or people with a start-up idea that has recently been founded or is being realised in the Hanover Region.