EXIST Research Transfer

The EXIST research transfer is aimed specifically at research-based start-up projects with complex and high-risk development work. The aim is to transform research results into applications over two funding phases.

Funding phase I:

  • Aim of the phase: Carrying out development work to prove technical feasibility, prototype development, preparation of a business plan and founding of the company.
  • Funding is available for research teams with up to four members at universities and non-university research institutions.
  • Assumption of the personnel costs of the research team and, in addition, up to €250000 for material expenses (e.g. commodities, consumables, capital goods, property rights, market research) for a period of 18 months, in exceptional cases up to 36 months.


Funding phase II:

  • Aim of the phase: Further development work until market maturity, start of business activity and securing follow-up financing through external funds.
  • Funding recipients are the technology-oriented companies founded in funding phase I.
  • Granting of up to € 180000 in a period of up to 18 months, but a maximum of 75% of the specific costs of the project are covered. The prerequisite is the use of equity capital and, if applicable, participation capital in a ratio of 1:3.

The funding body is the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Further information at: