An important topic at the University of Hildesheim is internationalisation. In addition to research and administration and management, the focus here lies on the internationalisation of studies and teaching. Specifically, this involves the following:

  • Increasing the mobility of Hildesheim students
  • Internationalisation of the teacher training programme
  • Expansion of international teaching.

This is where the project 'TRANSLANG - Translanguaging in the International Teacher Training' comes in. We do not only want to increase the number of the outgoing teacher training students, but also the number of international students (incoming students) who come to Hildesheim for a study visit.

In addition, transnational workshops with international academics are planned. Some seminars in the M.Ed. programme will also be opened up for more exchange: for example, the international project band TRANSLANG will start this winter semester. In the seminar, Hildesheim teacher training students deal with the topic of (migration-related) multilingualism and translanguaging and exchange their views with students from the cooperating universities.

Prof. Montanari and Dr. Vernal Schmidt have already been able to gain valuable experience in the project 'ForM - Research Methods on Multilingualism' in the context of joint (digital) seminar sessions with lecturers and students from the Ain Shams University in Cairo.

International joint teaching

The following workshops have taken place or are planned within the framework of the M.Ed-lecture (Projektband) and at our project partner universities as of winter semester 2021/22.

  • Contrastive linguistic and language comparison teaching workshop series (German and Arabic) on 'Stumbling blocks in Germana as a Second Language & Writing competence' with Dr. Heba Emam (Ain Shams University) and Dr. Janina Vernal Schmidt at Hildesheim University, starting in October 2022.
  • Workshop '¿Qué es la pedagogía Translanguaging?' with Dr. Janina Vernal Schmidt at the Escuela Normal Superior del Estado de México , in August 2022 
  • Workshop '¿Qué es la pedagogía Translanguaging?' with Dr. Janina Vernal Schmidt and Dr. María Estela Estrada Cortés at the UAEMex, in August 2022
  • Workshop 'Literacy Center - Open forms of teaching to develop written language skills' with Dr. Marjan Asgari (FU Bozen), on 24 June 2022
  • Workshop 'Data Recording & Transcription' with Dr Marjan Asgari (FU Bozen) and Dr Janina Vernal Schmidt, on 1 April 2022