What is the TeacherTranslanguagingCamp?
Once a year, a week of events (TeacherTranslanguagingCamp = TTC) takes place with lectures and workshops on the topic of translanguaging. In the workshops, Hildesheim students and students from our four partner universities work together on current topics related to diversity and multilingualism. The lectures and workshops are multilingual.

Who can participate?
The keynotes are open to all interested parties and take place via the Zoom platform.

The workshops and our other events are primarily aimed at students, teachers and lecturers. We offer mostly German- and English-language workshops in order to make them accessible to as many students as possible. 

In the intercultural workshops, we work with external trainers in international rounds on topics related to diversity, multilingualism and educational institutions as well as extracurricular places of learning.

The expert talks and panel discussions are also open to all interested parties.

What has happened so far?

  1. The first digital TTC on multilingualism in educational institutions took place in December 2021. The keynote entitled "What is Translanguaging?" was given by Professor Ofelia García.
  2. The second hybrid TTC took place in June 2022, entitled 'Multilingual (Non-)Formal Learning Spaces and the Historical Dimensions of Translanguaging'. The keynote address entitled 'Translanguaging, Language and Education' was given by Professor Li Wei.

Where can I find materials from past events?
We document and archive the lectures on the respective TTC pages.