1. TeacherTranslanguagingCamp 2021

Prof. Ofelia García at the 1. digital TeacherTranslanguagingCamp 2021

Looking back, we are pleased that we could win the internationally known and proven expert in the field of multilingualism and translanguaging, Prof. Dr. Ofelia García from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York for the kick-off of the first TeacherTranslanguagingCamp.

Prof. García's lecture took place on Monday, 06 December 2021 at 6 p.m. It was aimed at (teacher training) students, lecturers of all subjects and all interested parties.

In the workshops on Tuesday (07 December 2021, 6-8 p.m.), topics related to multilingualism were discussed with researchers from our partner universities.

At the information event on Wednesday (08 December, 6-8 p.m.), Finja Schmalz and Dr. Janina Vernal Schmidt from the project team, Anna Pulm and Kerstin Mühlhausen-Lotze from the International Office, as well as Eslam Abozaid, a graduate of SUH, presented possibilities for including a stay abroad in the teacher training programme.

In addition, a workshop on the topic of 'Culture and Identity' was offered on Thursday evening (09 December 2021, 6-8 p.m.) in cooperation with the International Office for teacher training students.

The camp was rounded off on Friday (10 December 2021, 6-7 p.m.) with a wrap-up for the project band students, at which the results of the workshops were brought together. 


Materialien aus dem 1. TeacherTranslanguagingCamp

Opening speech on  "What is Translanguaging?" by Prof. em. Dr. Ofelia García

Workshops on the topics "Multilingualism in educational institutions"

Workshop 1 - "Handlungsräume der mehrsprachigen Schule", with Dr. Miroslav Janík (Masaryk Universität)

Workshop 2 - "Linguistic diversity in the classroom", with Barbara Bangle & Dr. María Estela Estrada (UAEMex)

Workshop 3 - "Multilingual Teacher Education in South Tyrol for Preschool and Primary school", with Dr. Marjan Asagari & Dr. Lynn Mastelotto (FU Bozen)

Information event 'Ways to go abroad in teacher training'