The project "TRANSLANG - Translanguaging in the International Teacher Training" aims to internationalise teacher training. The thematic focus lies on improving classroom discourses in linguistically heterogeneous learning groups by using multilingualism as a resource for teaching. To achieve this, translanguaging is used as a procedure for multilingual educational discourse and as a currently discussed research and didactic approach, and is dealt with intensively in regular core courses in the teacher training programme.

The first project component consists of annual TeacherTranslanguagingCamps with a focus on current teaching research on the topic of translanguaging as well as intercultural workshops with a focus on diversity-sensitive and discrimination-critical teaching and learning. The activities are directed at all teacher training students at the University of Hildesheim and the partner universities.

The second project component is the offer of the "International Project Band Translanguaging", in which mobility windows are opened for students. The participating teacher training students complete a stay at one of the partner universities of the University of Hildesheim and become active in research with regard to the project band's title.

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