About us

In linguistically heterogeneous learning groups, diverse requirements arise in the classroom: The schoolchildren must be supported in the acquisition of educational language and subject-specific skills which requires additional didactic preparation of linguistic content. In addition, the subject matter itself must also be taught. All this happens in a field where monolingual habitus are still powerful in educational institutions and the presumption that participation ineducation is only possible when pupils are linguistically inconspicuous is being increasingly critically discussed.

Through two project components, TRANSLANG introduces the inclusion of multilingualism and translanguaging into the teacher trainingprogrammes of the German and partner universities, thus opening a platform for discussion and experimentation for a language-sensitive and diversity-open teaching discourse that makes it possible to use resources in all languages for teaching and developing teaching content.

The project combines a broad focal point that reaches a wide target group (component 1: TeacherTranslanguagingCamps and Intercultural Workshops) with a second one in which a smaller group of students deals intensively with this issue over three semesters (component 2: International Projektband 'Translanguaging').