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31. [Translate to englisch:] Siba Ghadban M.Sc.  
URL: /en/fb4/institutes/geographie/team-1/translate-to-englisch-siba-ghadban-msc/
… University of Hildesheim, Germany. 2016 -2018 Master degree MSc /Erasmus Mundus Joint Master degree…  
32. Cooperation and Partnerships  
… offering cultural policy and cultural management programmes: Bilgi University (Istanbul / Turkey) | Fine…  
33. Overview  
URL: /en/center-for-world-music/community-service/overview/
… and implementation of the music education programmes. Cultural Education The Center for World…  
34. About us  
URL: /en/fb4/fachbereich04-ueberuns/
… and »Information Systems«, both on Bachelor and Master levels (B.Sc. / M.Sc.; German: »Angewandte…  
35. Profile  
URL: /en/13660/
… Communication and Translation, Double Degree programmes as in Culture Management (France) and…  
36. Daniel Maurer  
URL: /en/lsf/personen/person/?lsfid=6095&typo3state=persons&cHash=c44d5fd10b86f11963befb82c376a5b9
… Philosophie und Künste interkulturell, Master [Vertreter Gruppe Studierende (S)] -Ständige…  
37. Paula Simon  
URL: /en/lsf/personen/person/?lsfid=7038&typo3state=persons&cHash=3a91061cd244338a301d97860f02859e
… -Prüfungsausschuss Psychologie (Bachelor und Master) [Stellvertreterin Gruppe Studierende (Stellv. S)]  
38. Teaching  
URL: /en/unesco-chair-cultural-policy-for-the-arts-in-development/teaching/
… in the research topics selected for Bachelor's and Master's dissertations. As part of the Bachelor Plus…  
39. Franco-German PhD-Track  
… been offering the integrated German-French double master’s degree in cultural mediation / Médiation…  
40. Dr. Sabrina Volk  
URL: /en/lsf/personen/person/?lsfid=2341&typo3state=persons&cHash=e89a45fc86d798dd9af3383213c4b5d4
Dr. Sabrina Volk
… -Auswahlkommission SOP und Soziale Dienste (Master) [Vertreterin Gruppe Wiss. Mitarb. (WM)] - +49 5121…
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