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11. Degree Program-Interested  
URL: /en/fb4/institutes/bwl/information-systems-and-enterprise-modelling/degree-program-interested/
…Contact Admission Information Systems Master: Mrs. Martina Rosemeyer, Room D015b, Samelsonplatz 1 Office: Tue. to…  
12. Study  
URL: /en/studium/
… The University of Hildesheim offers study programmes in the academic core areas Educational Studies, Cultural Studies,…  
13. FAQ Accreditation  
URL: /en/qualitaetsmanagement/faq-accreditation/
… of the Länder for the accreditation of Bachelor’s and Master’s study courses  (Ländergemeinsame…  
14. Programs  
URL: /en/fb1/institute/institut-fuer-erziehungswissenschaft/department-of-applied-educational-science/study/programs/
…University of Hildesheim offers first-rate bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs for teacher education. You…  
15. Courses of Study  
URL: /en/fb4/mintstudium/
Master of Science (in English) Informational Master's Program in Data Analytics Master of Science (in German) …  
16. Mission statement  
URL: /en/profile/leitbild/
… and learning processes. social responsibility: aid programmes such as the “Minerva Kolleg” or social capital.…  
17. Christian Thomas  
URL: /en/lsf/personen/person/?lsfid=7327&typo3state=persons&cHash=d773b7bbba45baf5fd8eaf7ffc5792c9
… Christian Thomas -Prüfungsausschuss Kulturvermittlung, Master [Vertreter Gruppe Studierende (S)]  
18. Moritz Viemann  
URL: /en/lsf/personen/person/?lsfid=6846&typo3state=persons&cHash=42b7ef781f8a50b9e24c56ca8894c9e2
…Moritz Viemann -Prüfungsausschuss Psychologie (Bachelor und Master) [Vertreter Gruppe Studierende (S)]  
19. Sandra Schwarz  
URL: /en/lsf/personen/person/?lsfid=6328&typo3state=persons&cHash=2bebf682239a4d0218494b45766c56f3
…Sandra Schwarz -Prüfungsausschuss Psychologie (Bachelor und Master) [Stellvertreterin Gruppe Studierende (Stellv. S)]  
20. Womser-Hacker  
URL: /en/fb3/institute/iwist/mitglieder/womser/
… fields in today’s globalized world.    Master Degree Programme The Master Degree Programme…  
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