Studying in Hildesheim

Studying in Hildesheim

Hildesheim, the so called small metropolis in the heart of Lower Saxony, offers ideal living conditions for students. The personal, cozy atmosphere, the short distances as well as the plethora of art and cultural events are only some of the things that students love about this historical city designated by UNESCO World Heritage.

If you’re interested in art and culture, then Hildesheim is the best place for you, as it offers a wide range of events, concerts, exhibitions and theater performances throughout the year. Furthermore, film and cinema fans can enjoy movie nights at the Thega cinema next to the local theater. If you want to go for shopping or try out more exciting activities, then you can always visit for free the nearby capital city of Hanover in about half an hour with your semester ticket.

Declaration of Love to Hildesheim


Numerous festivals, markets and open air events take place in Hildesheim during the summer attracting hundreds of visitors.

Some of the most famous events are the "Jazz time" festival, the international street music and street art festival called "Pflasterzauber", the festival of Hildehseimer Wallungen, the wine festival, the "M'era Luna Festival" of the Gothic scene and many more.

For more information about the summer events in Hildesheim click here:

A Short Introduction to Hildesheim Tourist Information Stadtmagazin PUBLIC Pflasterzauber


Besides studying, the campus life in Hildesheim organizes a variety of events and interesting activities to its students. For instance, sports provided by the university or cultural events like the midsummer night or the campus festival will offer you lively and unforgettable moments during your student life in Hildesheim.

Picture gallery of the University of Hildesheim: main campus

University politics

Students can also participate in university politics: the ASTA is the executive body of the University of Hildesheim and represents the interests of the students towards the university. ASTA is involved in university-related areas, such as availability of courses and compulsory attendance, family-friendly university structures, the expansion of the semester and culture ticket, and talks about gender and discrimination issues and offers many environmental-friendly initiatives.

Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss (AStA)

Studierendenparlament (StuPa)

University communities

The protestant and Catholic university communities, also known as ESG and KHG accordingly, offer a distraction from the daily studying routine, provide regular church services, international evenings and organize excursions.


Picture gallery of the University of Hildesheim: cultural campus Domäne


A plethora of annual events of the University of Hildesheim invite you to participate, have fun and get to know fellow students.

Mittsommernacht Science Slam

University Sports & Healthy Campus

Students of the University of Hildesheim can participate free of charge in a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports offered by University Sports & Healthy Campus. From Badminton and Volleyball to Zumba and Yoga, there’s a plethora of different interesting sports for every student.

Healty Campus University Sports

Picture gallery of the University of Hildesheim: Bühler campus & Samelson campus


Whether you prefer a shared flat, a dormitory or a single apartment, here you can pick out the right place to live at a relatively low price.

Are you a student at the University of Hildesheim and you’re looking for a place to live? We have listed the most important accommodation choices for you in Hildesheim.

Studentenwerk OstNiedersachsen

The student union of East lower Saxony, named Studentenwerk OstNiedersachsen, is responsible for the student dormitories "Blauer Kamp" and "Hansering" in Hildesheim and offers  over 300 different rooms for students.

Studentenwerk OstNiedersachsen: Housing in Hildesheim

More dormitories

The student dormitory directly on the main campus of the university offers a home to over 100 students at one of most well-known hills in Hildesheim.

student dormitory Hildesheim (ALPHA Energie Systeme GmbH)

The catholic dormitory, also known as KHG, is only a few minutes away from the university. It consists of nine floors, 96 rooms, and offers a wonderful view to the nearby forest.

catholic dormitory KHG

In addition to numerous student apartments, the gbg also runs the dormitory “Auf der Höhe”, a four-floor building with 119 modern single apartments. Each apartment has its own bathroom and WC. The gbg has also created a student dormitory at “Hansering”, where 143 modern single apartments divided in two buildings are waiting for their new tenants.

Wohnheim der Gemeinnützigen Baugesellschaft (gbg)

Another new, modern student dormitory is the APARTME located in Laubaner Straße, a central and well-connected location in HIldesheim. There you can find 89 fully furnished small and bigger apartments with many extra appliances.

APARTME – your Student Apartment (Hanseatic Studentenwohnen)



In Fahrenheitstraße 4, Hildesheim, you will find the student creative dormitory (run by rentei Immobilien). The special features of this dormitory besides its single apartments are the rehearsal rooms, workshops and multifunctional areas, which you can book and use according to your particular needs.

bunsenFactory - studentisches KreativWohnheim

Online Platforms for searching accommodation

The biggest housing association in Hildesheim has a wide range of apartments and can help you find the most suitable apartment for you.

Beamten-Wohnungs-Verein (BWV)

In the online portal of the newspaper Hildesheimer Allgemeine, you can also find the most current housing adds in Hildesheim and the nearby regions.

Immobilienportal Hildesheim


In the cafeteria of the main campus and the bistro of the Bühler campus you can enjoy delicious meals and snacks at a low price. In addition, you will find several cafés and restaurants near the main campus, if you want to try out something special.

Cafeteria Uni-Mensa

Bistro Lübecker Straße

Cafe + Restaurant: "am Campus"

The cafeteria of the StudentwerkOstNiedersachsen brings its delicacies to you! Thanks to its food cart, the cafeteria offers a wide range of snacks and lunch meals to students and university members. The food cart serves its meals at Samelson campus, Bühler campus and the cultural campus of Domäne Marienburg.

Ca[r]feteria: The food truck


The cultural campus of Domäne Marienburg

At the cultural campus of Domäne Marienburg, students pay a visit to the local café, known for its cake specialties throughout Hildesheim.

Hofcafé Domäne Marienburg



Students can experience the magic of music and singing in various choirs ranging from classical music, A capella to pop music. You can find more about the choir possibilities here:

choirs of University of Hildesheim

If you’re a music lover and you play a classical instrument, you can also join the university orchestra. Students of all departments are welcome to join the university orchestra which consists of students playing classical musical instruments.

The university orchestra

The Center for World Music archives, researches, communicates and teaches us useful facts about music. With over 4.500 musical instruments and 45.000 records, it has one of the largest collections in Europe dedicated to the diversity of musical traditions. The Center for World Music stands up for integration, education, promotion of cultural and musical diversity in the region. You can find more information on events, concerts and opportunities to participate in its work here:

Center for World Music

Movie and Cinema

The university cinema (Hoki) and the unikino organize a wide range of movie nights during the lecture period. Students can watch old and new Hollywood films and blockbusters in a cozy atmosphere and at low prices. The movie nights take place in Audimax and lecture hall 1.

Hoki Unikino


Hildesheim offers a plethora of festivals every year. Students from various departments organize at a regular basis multiple festivals attracting students from all over Germany. 

The discourse festival named State for the Art is considered one of the most famous festivals in the city, which incorporates art shows, literature, media and music productions taking place at the cultural campus Domäne Marienburg.

State of the Art



Prosanova Festival for young literature: readings, creative writing workshops and literary performances provide an insight into the young contemporary German-speaking literature.


Theater and performance festival transeuropa: this festival promotes the cooperation between the regional theater scene and the young theater artists from neighbouring countries.