UNI user account: access to university IT services

General Information

The university computing center provides user accounts to all members of Hildesheim University and thus enables the use of a multitude of IT services using only one account. The university user account consists of two parts:

University user accounts are generally provided free of charge.


Please consider the following security notes:

  • The password must be chosen securely and according to the guidelines.
  • The account data (user name & password) must never be shared with any person. University staff will never ask you for your password. Not in person or via e-mail or phone.
  • The account data must only be entered into authorized systems. If in doubt, ask the staff at the computing center service office.

Misuse of account data can lead to compromise of the university's IT systems, thus the computing center reserves the right to suspend user accounts to avert harm.

Users are obligated to regularly check the e-mail box associated with their user account.

Validity period

The validity period of a university user account depends on the status group of the account.

  • Student accounts stay active for 180 days after de-registration, so that existing data can be retrieved and stored elsewhere after graduation.
  • For permanent staff, the user account is valid for the duration of employment. Beyond that, the account stays active for 180 days. After another year, the account will be deleted permanently. 
  • For adjunct professors, this period lasts 190 days, so that they can keep their accounts even when only having a lectureship every other semester.
  • For guest students, the account stays active for one month after the end of the semester.
  • Accounts for guest researchers, guest students, other external users and project accounts are generally valid for one year and can be renewed upon request.
  • Institutional accounts are valid for five years.

Issuing & usage of uni accounts

Students, permanent staff, adjunct professors and guest students are issued a university user account automatically:


  • Students at registration
  • Permanent staff at the start of employment
  • Adjunct professors at the start of the lectureship
  • Guest students after admission

Externe Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter, Gastwissenschaftlerinnen und Gastwissenschaftler, Gaststudierende und sonstige externe Nutzerinnen oder Nutzer (z.B. Mitglieder anderer Hochschulen) müssen explizit einen Antrag auf Erteilung eines UNI-Accounts stellen. Dazu müssen sie das dazugehörige Antragsformular vollständig ausfüllen und im RZ-Servicebüro abgeben. In besonderen Fällen empfiehlt sich vor der Antragstellung eine Einzelfallberatung im RZ-Servicebüro zur Klärung ggf. notwendiger zusätzlicher Formalia.  

Die Nutzer-Bescheinigung mit den Zugangsdaten wird nach Erteilung des UNI-Accounts auf dem Postweg an die im Antrag angegebene Adresse verschickt.

Application forms for UNI accounts

The following forms are available in the university intranet:

Häufig gestellte Fragen (FAQ) zum UNI-Account

Ich bin neu an der Universität und habe nun einen UNI-Account bekommen. Was muss ich beachten?

We collected information for new users on the "first steps" page.

Was kann ich tun, wenn ich das Passwort zu meinem UNI-Account vergessen habe?

There are a number of ways to access your account after you forgot your password.

Kann ich zusätzlich zu meinem persönlichen UNI-Account noch weitere UNI-Accounts bekommen?

Institutions and projects can apply to obtain non-personal accounts.

Woran kann ich erkennen, dass mein UNI-Account "gehackt" wurde?

There is no reliable way to know - when in doubt, change your password. Just to be safe.

The following situations don't necessarily mean your account was hacked:

  • You receive messages claiming that e-mails have been sent in your name and from your e-mail address - anybody can send messages like that with very basic means by just knowing your e-mail address.

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