Academic Cloud

Sync, share and collaborate

Academic Cloud offers free 50 GB of cloud storage and collaboration services for all students, teachers and staff at all universities in Lower Saxony. Users can share data and collaborate with other users or group. Files can be edited offline and synched when an Internet connection is made.
In addition, Academic Cloud offers services such as GitLab, Persistent Identifier and OnlyOffice.

Detailed information regarding registration and cloud access can be found in this tutorial.

The following prerequisites are needed to access Academic Cloud:

  • a valid university user account (note: only personal accounts, no institutional or project accounts)
  • an Internet connection

Academic Cloud can be accessed in a variety of ways:

Frequently asked questions

I can't log in.
I can't share files with certain users.
Can I share files with people who are not members of a Lower Saxony university?

Sharing fails

In almost all cases, this is caused by the recipient of the share not having finished the initial registration on

See tutorial, "initial registration" tab.

If you have questions or issues, please contact IT support in room E 120.
phone: 05121 - 883 92870
mail: academic-cloud(at)